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    I'm a 24 year old female. I'm plus size and trying to lose weight. I've had blood tests done and i've been told that I have a normal thyroid. My doctor says that its normal to lose hair. But I am losing so much all the time. I've tried to tell her and my mom but it seems like they think I am over reacting. But my hair is getting so thin this morning when I showered it took all I had to not start crying when I saw all the hair that was coming out while I ran my fingers through my hair to get the soap out. I don't know what to do. I'm feeling so stressed out all the time because of it. I uploaded a picture


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    That's about how much I lose every time I shower and brush my hair. Ill lose more when I randomly run my fingers through out my hair through out the day. My hair used to be so thick I don't know what to do Im already taking biotin once a day and the shampoo I use has biotin in it, I just feel lost :confused:
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    Hi Katiekat,

    I just read your post and I have been losing hair like that for over a year now and just thought I might have some insight as to what might be happening with you. Mine has just started growing back. It was due to low iron, and when you mentioned that you were trying to lose weight, it became obvious to me that you are probably missing nutrients in your body because when certain ones are depleted like iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, your hair starts falling out at a noticeable rate. I have been through all this and the sooner you do something the better. It also sounds like you have telogen effluvium TE which is what I have also. Unfortunately there is no overnight cure because you must get your body's nutrition back to normal. At first it was very confusing but when you think about it, there is always a scientific cause, for which there is a scientific solution. You should see a good dermatologist to confirm this. Hope this helps you and all the other people out there going through the same thing.
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    Hey Katiekat!

    I can totally relate! i have been shedding for almost 4 months now, with no end in sight! :( Everyone also thinks i'm overreacting, but i know its just not normal. I have the same amount of hair u posted when i take a shower and comb afterwards. I hate washing my hair these days. And then a ton more fall all over during the day....i just don't know what to do anymore =T
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    I'm so sorry...every time I see these posts it breaks my heart. The mental torture to see the hair coming out in your fingers and in endlessly in the shower and comb can drive someone insane. I sympathize with you and you're so young on top of it. Yes, losing nutrients may be the problem but try to rule everything out. Go to your doctor and get the following checked:
    -Iron panel (full)
    -Thyroid panel (full)
    -Hormonal Panel (Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA-S)
    -Make sure you are not insulin resistant
    -Make sure you don't have celiac disease (test for this) - yes it can cause hair loss!

    I made the mistake of just taking my doctors and hair specialists word that it was simply only my iron. It is not, I have underlying thyroid problem and adrenal problem and an imbalance of hormones. All of which was not figured out until I dug and dug, and questioned every doctor. Please hang in there, and yes cry it out, it's all we can do. We all feel your pain.
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    Thank you guys for kindness and advise. It means so much to know I have someone to talk to and someone that understands. I will definitely go in and get those tests done. I am willing to try almost anything right about now. I took a shower again about 30 minutes ago and lost about the same amount of hair and broke down. I really want my hair back :(
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    Totally sympathize!!

    I truly know how you feel. I was shedding that much (probably more) and I wasn't lucky enough to have thick hair to begin with. My hair is pathetic at this point! The first time I looked down in the shower and saw that mass of dark hair, I panicked!! From then on, I scooped up the hair in the shower and off the floor with tears in my eyes. It was a nightmare.

    I went through a lot of stress this past summer and feel that had a lot to do with the aggressive shedding. It has slowed to what I'm sure people would say is a normal rate, I just wish it wasn't shedding at all. My suggestion to you is to do your best not to dwell on what's falling out and focus on caring for what you have left. Easier said than done, I know :rolleyes: I quit using all hair products (mousse, sprays, gels etc.), stopped using any type of heat and got some high quality shampoo/conditioner. I was taking a lot of biotin and noticed my hair grew quicker, not necessarily any thicker.

    If you go to the doctor and they find nothing medically wrong, focus on your overall health and being good to the remaining hairs. I know it's a struggle, I am in the same boat. Keep your head up and don't lose hope that you will find a way to get through it.