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    I noticed some significant changes in my part and hair line around the start of September, which likely means I started losing hair sometime around August. All the usual stuff happened: greasy, thin, increased sebum and my scalp was always bugging me.

    I saw a derm who spent 5 minutes with me and said I had aga and prescribed me meds. I didn't take them because I think my shed was triggered by extreme dieting, stress and a vitamin toxcitity I had. Also, the same thing happened to me about a year ago when I stopped using b.c which makes me think that I am prone to TE sheds. However, this time around was much worse than last time.

    To say I was/am having a tough time is putting it mildly.

    So I researched things to death and put myself on a natural regime. I also saw a naturopath who tweaked what I was doing a bit. I thought I would post what i'm doing in case someone might find it helpful. I'm also reluctant to post this for fear of "jinxing" it, but it seems like my shed is slowing down. I've lost the most hair around my hairline where my bangs are.

    So this is what i'm doing:

    Diet: cut out processed carbs and sugars. The naturopath suggested that I try to eliminate as much "stress" on my body as possible. She explained why but I won't even try here. You might want to try looking up some stuff on adrenals and hair loss.

    Cut out wheat and gluten

    No caffeine. Again stress on the adrenals.

    I saw a herbalist in my area who put together a tincture for me with saw palmetto, vitex and polygonium. Herbs like saw palmetto are better taken in liquid because they absorb better. I take 1 teaspoon three times a day.

    The herbalist also put together a tea for me from nettle root and horse tail. I make this every night and let it steep for about 12 hours. Then I put it in a thermos and drink it throughout the day.

    Probiotics 3 times a day

    I'm also taking something called Beta hydrochloride with fenugreek. It aids in digestion.

    GLA 1 tablet twice a day. This is what we want out of evening primrose oil. Might as well just take the "key" ingredient.

    Green tea extract

    An iron supplement

    Zinc tablets

    3 tablespoons of fresh ground flax seed.

    I also drink at least two cups of green tea a day, but I use loose tea, not bags.

    Im also taking yoga and going almost every day in an attempt to maintain a good frame of mind. I believe at least for me, that stress does have an impact on my hair. It goes back again to the adrenal glands.

    For shampoo I am also using something from Lush. Its called "new" bar and its made specifically for women dealing with hormonal hair loss.
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    I have a question about iron and zinc supplements. How far are you taking them apart and what dosage?
    Do you have any changes in your hair loss?