Used Minoxidil for over a year..and HELP!

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    Hey I have been very impressed with using minoxidil....UNTIL a couple months ago. In october I noticed little baby hairs growing on the top (crown) of my head.
    I didn't pay much attention until they started getting worse and spreading. It seems all my hair I once had on the crown of my head has been replaced with baby hairs. My hair dresser did not want to put bleach on my hair because she did not know why my hair was growing this way?? It has become so annoying because I can no longer wear all of my hair down!
    I have to pin the small pieces back so I wear my hair half up everyday! I am so afraid that something has gone wrong with my hair.

    To make matters worse my doctor has left the hospital and is no longer taking on patients. I have contacted him and they have requested photos of what is going on and when it started. He is a well known doctor but it seems a lot of hair doctors in Toronto are leaving the hospitals(My roommate has the same issue and her doc. is leaving as well)

    Here are some photos I took and hopefully someone knows what is going on!! Because I am kind of worried and freaking out just a tad!!! Please help!! Here are photos of my hair now and the collage was taken before the baby hairs appeared.

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    Hi hairwontgrow,

    Thank you so much for using flickr to post your pics.

    I am curious to know why you are using Minoxidil. Can you post better quality pictures of your hair wet and parted down the middle. Maybe the pics you have provided are not good enough to show what the problem is.

    When hair follicles that have been dormant start growing hair again as a result of using Minoxidil, the new hair does start out as baby hairs at first. Over time and hair cycles those baby hairs become normal hairs. This process takes a really long time. It is more likely that the normal hair in that area had reached the end of it's cycle and shed out as it normally would as part of it's cycle - and by doing so is now revealing the baby hair that has started to grow. You have lot more hair than I would expect a woman who needs Minoxidil would have. This may be creating an illusion of getting worse when it is actually getting better. I hope you can provide more information and explanation of your condition. I am very puzzled because it does not look like you actually need Minoxidil.

    Are you taking any oral medication for your hair - or using medicated shampoo?

    Take care,

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    Thanks for responding! If you take a look at the collage I made the bottom right hand photo shows my hair before I was using minoxidil. My hair was badly broken, and uneven. I had used extensions for a long time and had a weave that ended up really damaging my hair.
    I had gone over three years with no growth at all. So I started it because my hair wouldn't grow. I would get roots but my hair would just break off. I am using the minoxidil liquid topical solution.

    So when I was last at my hair dressers she did not want to dye my hair because she did not know if those baby hairs that are now an inch long were caused by breakage or what? She told me to condition my hair every night for a couple weeks till I see her next to touch up my roots.

    I am glad to hear it's normal for this to happen.. It just really really freaked me out because I have used minoxidil for so long and this hasn't happened any where else. Would you suggest I keep putting more of the minoxidil on the crown of my head like I was doing before to speed up the hair growth in that specific area? Or just evenly distribute it?
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    OK, I have a much better understanding now.

    Minoxidil is indicated for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and sometimes other types of alopecia. Breakage itself is not an indication of alopecia. Minoxidil is not intended to treat the problem you are having. My advise to you is to slowly taper yourself off of Minoxidil because you do not have the proper indication for it's use. Do not stop using it abruptly. Taper off of it slowly over a long period of time. It will take a long time for your hair follicles to normalize - up to 18 months or more.

    Slow growth is usually an internal problem and may actually be due to the birth control pills you are using - or even something as simple as your diet. Androgenetic alopecia can certainly slow growth if you have androgenic alopecia. From the pictures you have provided, it does not look like you have androgenetic alopecia. You need to look for the other possible causes and treat it.

    Hair extensions and weaves are notorious for causing breakage and damage to hair follicles themselves. Over dyeing can weaken your hair as well.

    For a woman in your situation, you need to start by looking at your diet and the birth control pills you are using. Many birth control pills are notorious for triggering hair loss or poor growth. Your problem may resolve by simply changing your birth control pills. Again, it will take a long time. Time that is measured in months and years - not weeks and months. You are at the mercy of the speed that hair follicles go through their cycles - and that process is a very slow process.

    You can find more information at this link - if you haven't read this already:

    I hope this information helps you. Please feel free to ask questions if you need to.

    Take care,

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    I went to a well known hair doctor in Toronto and he is the one that put me on it. My hair was fine until I used the weave and extensions. After leaving them out for three years I saw no growth in my hair. I am on Minoxidil to help my hair grow and thicken. I don't think a hair doctor would prescribe me Minoxidil if he didn't see anything wrong with my hair.

    A year before I was put on Minoxidil I was tested to make sure my diet and iron and vitamin levels were normal. I was on iron for a while until my levels were normal. I asked my doctor about my birth control and he said the type I was on was fine and would not cause this. Seeing as I was on that same birth control for years and years before I developed this problem. I don't want to stop using Minoxidil because these baby hairs need to grow in and I have experienced great success with the growth and thickness of my hair. I just wanted to make sure this was not a side affect. I never thought my hair would grow and I was beginning to give up. Minoxidil has helped and I don't see myself getting off it anytime soon.

    Thanks for the information about shedding and such. I better understand what is happening with. my hair
  6. Tracy C

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    I was not aware that you have already been through the diagnostic process. If you do in fact have androgenetic alopecia, you have responded well because there is no sign that you have it at all based on the pictures you have provided. If you feel Minoxidil is helping you, then of course you should keep using it. It would still be a good idea for you to read the information in the link I have provided. The more you know, the more you can help yourself.
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    I definitely do not have any sort of alopecia. The doctor suggested Minoxidil to help my hair grow.I have read a lot about females using minoxidil when their hair does not grow anymore. So it's used more now then just with people that have alopecia. Thanks I will check out that link
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    How is your hair now? Has it grown out? Also, when you first started using rogaine, did you go through a shedding period? Thank you.
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    Hi! My hair has finally started to grow. It took quite some time. I have now been on it for three years come this november. To be honest I won't ever stop taking it. Now shedding...I was weird and went through the shedding phase pretty late. I started shedding in January. So two years into taking it. I had it at the top of my hair in the me this was not fun! I actually got super scared and upset. I sent photos to my har doctor and he assured me it was normal. So I went a while wearing the top of my hair in a sort of bump it with a small hair clip. I can finally say its getting better. I do still have to wear the clip but I'm surr in a couple more months the back of hair will be long enough to wear it all down that it isn't noticeable. I could wear my hair all the way down right now but its a around two inches so it looks like I have weird layers lol. Any other questions just let me know!
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    Oh wow. Is that where you were applying it? Is thy the reason why you shed there? How long did the shedding last and how severe was it?
    Also, for the first two years you saw no difference?
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    I was applying the solution all over my head but the doctor said shedding can happen anywhere and at any time. The shedding parts are still growing back. It doesnt last a while it just happens and you have to wait for the hair to grow back. I did freak when I saw it at first as I thought my hair was falling out (I didnt notice the shedding it self but the shorter pieces of hair) but it was normal and it happens to most people. My hair did take a while to see the growth. My doctor had warned me you wont really see any difference for a year. To be honest it was worth the wait.