used toppik for first time today

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  1. imadesphousewife

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    For the first time in years, I didn't want to shoot myself after getting ready! I didn't need much at all, it was easy to use, and blends perfectly with the color I'm at right now. Is easily the best product I've ever spent money on.

    I'm still doing everything I can to get my actual hair to grow back, but meanwhile....this sure helps.

    Don't know why I waited so long to try it!
  2. mycurlyhair

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    Thats great!:D ! I havent tried it yet, where is your HL worse? Mine is in the front bang area so not sure if it would help me? I want to try one of those soon though just to see. Are you still loving it?
  3. Sadabouthair

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    So glad it worked for you. I actually tried it for the first time yesterday too. My hair loss is pretty severe (^70% +/-) and Unfortunately didn't work too well. It was also incredibly hot and humid here yesterday, and as soon as it got some moisture, it didn't hold up. I've heard lots of great reviews - glad it worked for you!
  4. Mitzie

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    Yeah! Love toppik!
  5. Cindith

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    Try this

    I use kerafiber because i was allergic to toppik it is all natural. I found a coupon code the other day HAIRLOSSPROBS. 5$ off free shipping at