Useless doctors, need advice

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    I am 18 and have been suffering from hairloss for 3 years. I was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism and have been taking medication for it and iron, for over a year but it has not seemed to help my hair. Before it all started i used to have unmanageably thick hair i used have difficulty tieing it up. Its volume has decreased over 60% since then especially at my temples and crown. No doctors seem to take me seriously and the only one that did gave me propecia. i already have bad body issues and have been struggling with orthodontic problems and surgeries my whole life. Where i live has white tiles and so i am constantly sweeping up the reminders.I am now too scared to cut, wash or style my hair and too ashamed to leave the house even to start college this year. I feel useless and ugly and like no one will love me not to mention helpless ,angry and confused.
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    Why don't you try going to a psychiatric clinic just to discuss your anger and depression over your sickness..Having a person to talk to could really help vent out your feelings and thus making you feel a little better..:)