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  1. snowflake

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    not sure where to post this, but has a doctor every suggested a treatment or product that is really just "snake oil"- has ingredients that do nothing to help , I always feel suspicious when a doctor wants to sell me something. I got pushed into buying this scalp revitalizer, which is water, some vitamins and now I realize has propylene glycol, which can be an irritant, I'd rather chance using it in the 5% minoxidil, so I suspect this stuff is useless,-done using that "specialist". Or has a doctor every recommended a product that was good and actually helped? anyone with similar experiences?
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    I am sure there are some doctors out there who will push useless "treatments". I am also sure there are doctors out there who recommend real treatment. My doctors thus far have been the latter. If one doctor seems hokey to you, find another one.
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    I was really asking about if there were specific things sold/recommended by doctors that were found useless, or surprisingly helpful, just to be better on guard because sometimes you don't realize it when you're handed it on your way out. I'm new to all this and hoped from experience (unfortunately) others would know of products to be aware of. I try to say let me think about it, so I can go home and try to research it if I got to see the ingredient list, but sometimes that's difficult. Selling products also turns me off to that doctor, makes me skeptical, no wonder I'm on my 3rd one in a relatively short time. one specialist had his own complete line of products-from shampoo to vitamins to minoxidil, etc, they gave me the shampoo-it was the worst shampoo I ever used!