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    Hi everyone

    I'm from Vancouver Canada, looking to connect with peers out there. Been searching for hair loss groups in my area but can't seem to find any. Anyone out there from Metro Vancouver looking to meet up? Please let me know.

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    Hi Sandra.

    I am from the Vancouver Area. Here is a little bit about myself.

    I've been suffering from HL since the late teens :(. I believe it started around age 16/17. I always had thick, curly hair. To this day I can recall the days when older ladies always complimented me on my beautiful hair. Now I feel I was chinxed as I no longer have that thick beautiful hair. I first noticed my bang area thinning. When I spoke to my doctor about it, she said for me to cut my hair and leave it open. I was used to keeping it pulled back. She didn't do any tests to get to the root of the HL. I let it slide and thought to myself it's just stress. Over the years the hair has gradally thinned out. I've come to accept that I have AGA as there was no particular stressful event that led to the HL nor are there any patches. I have never gone to a Derm. I did bring up this issue with my doctor again a few years later and I was prescrived 5% minoxidile lotion. I think it did work, but for some reason I stopped using it.

    Then I got married and was on the pill. I honestly believe the Pill contributed to alot of the shedd that started after my marriage. My husband has never been bothered with me and like many other women out there it bothers me more then anything else. After searching the net, I discovered Toppik, which was a life-saver but soon after I wasn't satisfied as I didn't like how it covered the areas. AFter having my first daugther, I found a lady in Langley that specialized in hair intergration systems. I loved the idea and went ahead and brought my system. There are some people who have noticed and have asked me what I've done with my hair and there are others who just stare and probably are thinking what did she do. I tell them I got extensions.

    Now, after having my second daughter, I've become tired of putting the system in and taking it off at night. Am also terrified of my older daughter asking me why I put on hair:confused: So when I put it on or take it off, I do it behind closed doors.

    My bio hair isnt that bad. I can honestly say I can use concealers and if done properly really cover up the areas. But who wants to spend 10-20 minutes each day making thier hair look thick and nice. I've also noticed I have hair growing through the scalp, but it's not getting thick yet.

    I've decided to go with the Rogaine Foam. I plan to have one more child in the next few years and I didn't want to try anything else that might be harmful for a pregnancy. Worst case scenario, Will just buy a wig and deal with it. However, I want to be able to do alot with my daughter, including swimming. Right now am afraid of what might happen if I venture into the pool. I understand the system will stay put, but what if it damages the hair?? Althgouh it's Human hair, I don't want to risk it. It cost me close to $2000 and I don't want to be forced to fork out that much again. The system is supposed to be good for 2-3 years. I'm going into my second year, so I will need a replacement soon.

    So yah, that's my story. I'm happy to hear there are many other women out there who are in the same boat as me. Not happy for thier hairloss, but just happy to hear I am not alone. :)