Very fine little hairs growing back after TE. Need to know

Discussion in 'Open Topic (General)' started by sprinklez, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. sprinklez

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    I got TE a few months ago after chemical irritation on my scalp. I have lost about half my hair and it is still falling out. I've been lately noticing that very very fine hairs are beginning to grow out. They are thinner than a cat's fur, in fact that's what I initially thought they were until I saw the little white ends of them. I just need to know why its growing back like this and if it's something to worry about.
  2. Hellen

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    It is so hard to know. I would go back to your derm or whomever diagnosed the previous issue. Small hairs can be miniaturization that might indicate AGA (female pattern hair loss) - or it just might be your hair 'working out' the previous damage. Hang in there.