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    Well, today I found out that all my hormones came back under the "normal" range. She did mention though that my ferritin is at 32. I'm wondering if that is not too low, so I asked her and she said normal range is between 9-120! Now that's a huge range! I read somewhere I think here that it should be between 40-70....What can I take to improve my serritin levels??? I'm just confused... I'm going to the dermatologist next week! Does someone now anything about serritin levels???
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    Ferritin Levels

    Hello, I have been dealing with low Iron(Ferritin levels) for several years. There is alot of discrepancy about how high your iron levels should be... My Dr.'s think it should be on the upper end of 100..Meaning anywhere from 70-100 and I am currently taking 150 of iron everyday. Many people say that you cannot have success with your hair unless it is above 70... Well I hope that is the case because I still have mass shedding and mine has never gotten over 54.. Hopefully this year I can get there.. I do think that the Ferritin Levels are important according to what I have been told.. Hope this helps.. LOL Lisah
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    Thanks For the Ferritin Advice

    Thank You Pattiv,
    It is so good to get information from people that have been right where we are now... I am hoping the Ferritin level will help my hairloss once it gets higher.. I don't think they will give me the infusions but I guess I could push for them. It is so weird that my females in the family have NO hair not loss really and my mom is 78 great hair!!!!!!!! But my father had the MPL all his life but their children none have hairloss except for me.. My sister even had Breast cancer and her hair came back fine.. Just makes me wonder if it has just taken it's toll on my hair(iron loss) but you can't make people beleive what you are saying?? I'm like whatever I will not just give up until I guess I have had it!!!!!!!! Thank You For the Positive Information it is so GOOD to hear....Lisah:):):)
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    My Ferritin Level

    Hope you can get this message I'm not sure how to really use this site correctly. I've just brushed my hair for the first time in a few days ( try not to so depressing) and I lost about 350 hairs(so much) And have been for sooo long. Do you think I should go through a Regular Dr. and try and get infusion because I can't keep this up, I am running out of time and hair !!!!!!! How long after I get the iron up do you think it will stop coming out so much or should I say how long was it for you?????? I am really really tired of not getting any satisfaction and I will find someone who will give me the iron I need so badly.......If that is possible in this area because no one has even mentioned that to me... Thank You So Much Lisah........:eek::(:(
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    Ladies, Thanks for all the great info on ferritin levels. Maybe it will help me keep the hair I have...
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    I started taking iron supplements a couple of weeks ago, so I'm hoping it will raise my ferritin level from 32 to something better. I want to at least keep the hair I have!!!! I will go to dermatologist next week and see how that goes. Deep inside I'm afraid she will say Androgenic Alopecia and it's over, I've almost been tempted not to go, but I will!!! See what happens!