Very good, generic demo of bonding

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    I have not been to this place, nor know anything about it. However, this is the most thorough demonstration of what hair bonding for women with moderate to severe AA looks like. I certainly learned a lot from this video, but don't know enough to endorse this actual place.

    I am also so thankful that the model was willing to do this and have it posted for the world to see on you tube.

    (IMO - the piece needed to be thinned a bit.)
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    That's the first demo I have seen and it is pretty accurate. I have been wearing a bonded hair system (6 x 7) topper for over 10 years. I started out at a hair salon and I was pleased with the outcome but always thought they were too dense and top heavy. I agree that this model would have looked much more natural with about 80% density because she had very fine bio hair. I found the HairDirect website and read and learned a ton of information that my stylist was not even aware of. I started ordering my new hair toppers from HD and have been EXTREMELY happy with them! I can choose my own density, color blending, highlights, length etc and don't have to pay the salon to maintain it anymore. It's liberating. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in learning about bonding toppers to visit website and just start reading the posts and watching videos etc.
    Also, the only thing I didn't agree with on this youtube video is when she said the hair system will last for up to 2 years....yikes, not even close. You need to buy a new human hair system about 3 times per year but HD is much cheaper than most and you pay monthly so it is not a huge upfront cost.
    Thanks for sharing this video, and I applaud them for making it.
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    Susie, how does your hair get bonded? Do you glue it yourself, do you go to hairdirect to get it bonded? Or do you have another place bond it for you? Where would one find such a place and how much does it cost for bonding. I've never even heard of places that bond wigs until i started visiting this forum.
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    I've tried researching on Google and all I find. are links to purchase bonding agents.
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    Hey Porshiana
    Yes, I bond myself. I bond a human hair topper (about 6x7 inches) to the top of my head. I do it myself now by ordering my customized hair system from That is where I buy my bonding products too.
    When I first started bonding I went to a salon because I didn't know that you could do it yourself at home. I learned all I could about it and started ordering my own supplies and it is definitely the way to go if you are going to bond a human hair system.(IMO)
    I don't shave my whole head I only shave a track around the top where the unit fits. Then I tape the perimeter of the lace system and bond it to the shaved track area on my scalp. There are tons of videos on website to educate yourself in all areas. I still spend lots of time on there researching and learning new things. It is much cheaper and the hair is better than any salon that I went to in the past. To give you an idea, my 16" long hair costs about $450 but I only pay $150 per month and get a new one every 3 or 4 months.
    At this moment I am wearing my first wig because I wanted to experiment and see how I liked it. I am pretty happy with the wig experience so far, except that I do prefer the secure feeling of bonding.
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    Actually Suzie i think they might use a different glue than you do. But your way is more accessible for those on a budget. So for those unable to pay for this here is a video Suzie showed me of a way to bond at home.