VIVISCAL // about to begin - please add your own experiences with it!

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    I'm a new actual member to this site, but wanted to join so that I could contribute my experience with taking Viviscal. I just ordered the tablets, shampoo and conditioner, and will update as I notice any changes.

    As with most of you, having fine hair has been an emotional thing for me, like lacking a part of me that should be there, like changing my experience at the beach, like stressful mornings when things aren't going right, like spotting "one of me" from a mile away. I'm happy to contribute my own experience though it makes me feel very vulnerable. At some point I'll add photos (I've got before images saved), but for now that's a big step.

    Please feel free to add your own personal experiences with either of these three products, but I'd like to keep this thread dedicated to Viviscal for me and everyone seeking information.

    Below is just a bit about me, and my personal history with my hair and things I've tried, in case anyone wants to compare my little case study to theirs. From here on out, I'll keep my posts as much quicker reads! :)

    About me:
    I'm a 35 year old woman, and have had baby fine hair my whole life. I'd maybe compare its thickness to that of a... 7 year old? I'm not sure, but either way, when I say baby fine, I don't mean "oh I have baby fine hair, and lots of it" - I'm sure you've hear that before... I would like to clarify, since my results apply to my type of fine hair, that I don't have alopecia where there is noticeable loss that develops in the teens or later in life, typically on the crown. *Is what I have called diffuse fine hair? please let me know!*

    My hair history:
    As a child, it was much thinner than my peers, but looked ok (maybe because I only washed it twice a week and didn't blow dry), in middle school it was a nightmare and I was made fun of with "hair growth for men" references in the halls, in high school I went on a strict no-blow dry regimen and learned to deal with it, but was ALWAYS self conscious, it remained around that level but very slowly getting finer, and around 31 it started to get even more so, nearing unacceptable. (I assume due to hormones, and a couple devastating break-ups.)
    I tried as many natural remedies possible, and always exercise and eat a fairly paleo diet except with dairy, most of my products are of the certified organic nature and have great ratings on Think Dirty (an app that rates beauty products for their potentially harmful ingredients).
    At 34 I decided to be more aggressive and sought the help of a dermatologist & endocrinologist. My blood work results only had one slightly irregular mention: my Progesterone levels, but nothing to raise an eyebrow (so they said). I insisted on a prescription to Spiro, starting at 50 mg in November, raised it to 100 mg, and now it's June 4th and I've been taking 150 for 2-3 months. I suppose it's gotten longer, but that's likely due to avoiding salons. The terror of a cowlick in the back of my head that threatens to reveal my scalp if I don't tame it with damaging blow dryer has not improved. Honestly I'm not sure if it's improved at all, might even be worse. My periods however, have gotten insane. I used to get them pretty light for 3 days, now ... well I've ruined some sheets and a mattress - so ... Also, I do not take birth control, nor have I since about 2001. My dermatologist thought it was necessary to take with Spiro, since Spiro can effect our cycles, but I really wanted to be minimal in what I added to my system, and have never been into something that controls my period in that way.
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    Hey Ladies!

    I'd love to hear your own experience with viviscal!
    I think it would also be helpful to mention the type of thin or thinning hair that you have as well, since one solution may not work for all hair types/conditions.

    Ok. I'm going to go out on a limb and upload a couple photos so that you can see what I'm dealing with personally. Please excuse my rushed photoshop job I've done to conceal myself for privacy reasons, being open with this is hard for me.
    Below: This particular photo, you may want to note, is my hair, slight profile, up in a "bun", and completely covered in coconut oil (one of my regimens), hence the shine.
    Below: That's basically all of my hair. I've been working on not blow drying to decrease breakage, and putting in a little bumble and bumble repair cream to encourage the vague curls I have to keep it together.
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    I started Viviscal last year when I had my first encounter with TE. I took the supplement twice a day. My hair after three months began to shed less, it began growing, and it started getting full. I was happy. The depression was gone. Last months, my hair changed texture, I knew what was coming.
    Here I sit with TE again. I'm still taking The supplement. It cannot hurt especially because the iron in it. I know my trigger is not my Ferritin.
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    Just adding an update to my experience with viviscal.

    It's been about 4.5 months since I started taking it. I've been following the 2 tablets a day method, but am totally guilty of sometimes forget one. I didn't reorder the shampoo because I believe they're more of a impulse purchase.
    Please add your own experiences with Viviscal to benefit other readers + myself! Just note your hair situation, how long you've been on it, other factors (vitamins, products, diet, etc)

    Results so far:
    They say it takes about 4 months to notice anything. I will say my hair is definitely shedding less. Now I only get a couple strands in my hands when I'm finger combing conditioner through in the shower. 100% I can say that in that way it's made a difference.
    In terms of thickness and length. Thought I haven't had it cut since I started taking viviscal, I believe it's longer than it would have been without the pills. All I'm doing is occasionally snipped the very ends at home to keep it healthy.

    Other factors in my routine
    2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
    1 scoop of Seaforce brand chlorella manna powder
    Country Life brand hair,skin + nail vitamin
    Country Life brand biotin vitamin
    eating full fat grass fed cow yogurt every day
    Just added Coal Tar shampoo into the mix. The smell is... pungent. haha
    *You can get everything but the yogurt on Thrive Market online*
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    I just wanted to add a note: My boyfriend mentioned that he thought he noticed my hair had grown more in the last couple months than the whole year we've been together. I started taking Viviscal about 4.5 months ago, so this would lead me to believe that Viviscal works, at least a little bit, for my particular hair condition. (Viviscal mentions on their website, and I've read it in user reviews, that result don't become noticeable until about the 3-4 month mark.)

    I'd also like to add, I experienced ZERO shed when I initially began taking the pills, and my normal daily shed has decreased significantly. I thought that might be useful info since I know a lot of solutions out there threaten us with dread shed at the beginning.

    This doesn't seem to be the most popular topic, as not too many women are commenting on this thread, but I'm hoping more of you will have some input to share!