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    I found there was info regarding Viviscal in many different places on the site, so hope to create a single place where research and updates can be maintained for easier searches and to f/u on results from women who have tried it.

    I saw an article in Skin & Allergy News (hair section) regarding Viviscal, and will post it below. I just started it today so will post f/u's here. Seems to work for some, not others, and nothing I've been doing is helping so going to embark on yet another experiment. If you have any updates please add them.

    Here is the research (supported by a grant from the company):

    A marine protein–based oral food supplement was safe and associated with significant hair growth in women with self-perceived thinning hair, according to findings from a small randomized controlled, double-blind study.

    The mean number of terminal hairs in a 4 cm2 area at the junction of the frontal and lateral hairlines was measured. In 10 women randomized to receive the supplement, terminal hairs increased from 271 at baseline to 571 after 90 days of treatment and 610 after 180 days of treatment. The mean number of terminal hairs in five women randomized to receive placebo was 256 at baseline, 245 after 90 days, and 242 after 180 days, Dr. Glynis Ablon reported in a poster at the annual meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

    The mean number of vellus hairs in the treatment group was 46.5 at baseline and did not appreciably change over 180 days; the mean number of vellus hairs in the placebo group was 57 at baseline, 68 at 90 days, and 66 at 180 days, said Dr. Ablon, a Manhattan Beach, Calif.–based dermatologist.

    Treated subjects were significantly more likely to report improvements in overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and hair body thickness after 90 days. Improved hair shine, skin moisture retention, and skin smoothness were reported after 180 days, she noted.

    Study participants were women aged 21-75 years (mean age, 50 in the treatment group and 48 in the control group) with Fitzpatrick I-IV skin types. All were in generally good health but had perceived hair thinning. All study participants agreed to maintain their baseline diet, medications, and exercise level during the study period, and to maintain consistent hair care throughout the study period.

    Treatment group subjects were instructed to take one tablet of the proprietary supplement (Viviscal) each morning and evening with water after a meal.

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    Thank You for posting the Viviscal info. My beautician recommended it to me today, and I plan to order it this week. I am 55 with thin hair all over. We shall see!
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    Sleep loss?

    I just learned about Viviscal today. I am interested in trying it but I did learn that sleep problems can be a side effect. I have regular bouts of insomnia so I am less than thrilled about the chances of making this worse, but I would like to try Viviscal. Any info about sleep loss?
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    Sleep Loss

    Hello!I am a WHLP lurker and this is my first post :)
    I am on my third month of viviscal,and although it may be too early too tell,I have experienced less shedding but minimal hair regrowth.My eyelashes have definitely grown longer but I am yet to see any concrete results on my scalp apart from peach fuzz around my hairline.What is annoying is that my body/facial hair seems to be growing faster than ever.So maybe it is working and I need to give it some time?

    I have noticed that I have trouble sleeping ever since I started taking them,and a mild breakout on my face even though I have never had acne.But it cleared up after I started taking collagen supplements.My face also feels a teensy bit greasy but nothing major.I just need to wash it a little bit more frequently.

    I am going to complete the recommended 6 month course and report back.I had experienced major shedding four years ago which had stabilized when I had taken Nourkrin which is basically Viviscal with a different name, marketed in Europe.However last time around I found that it was more effective,maybe I am imagining it :(

    Good luck to you ladies! :)
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    Hey! Anyone have updates from Viviscal? I just started a new thread last week dedicated to it, I'd love to hear about anyone who took it for at least 4-6 months.