Viviscal : Who's tried it?

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Have you tried Viviscal? (please also select your hair type at the bottom if applicable)

  1. Yes, for 3 months and I can see results

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  2. Yes, for 4 moths, and NO results

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  3. Yes, for 6 months and I notice a lot of results!

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  4. **I have always had baby fine hair

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  5. **I experienced sudden hair loss, but previously had thick hair

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  1. trudy19

    trudy19 New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I've been taking Viviscal for about 4.5 months and have noticed a significant change in shedding (there's much less of it!!). In addition, my hair has grown more noticeably longer in the last 2 months.

    Has anyone else had any experience with this supplement? If so, please share your feedback and maybe a brief mention of your particular hair condition and other variables in your routine.

    *Below is just a brief mention about my hair + other variables in my regimen.

    Hair Status
    Baby fine (and I mean, it hasn't gotten thicker since I was about 4 years old)
    My mom has the same hair issues, so it's genetic
    35 years old, at about 32 it started to get finer, cowlicks expose my scalp, I avoid public beaches and wind is a terror.

    Other factors in my routine
    2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
    1 scoop of Seaforce brand chlorella manna powder
    Country Life brand hair,skin + nail vitamin
    Country Life brand biotin vitamin
    eating full fat grass fed cow yogurt every day
    Just added Coal Tar shampoo into the mix. The smell is... pungent. haha
    I exercise regularly and eat a fairly paleo diet (high fat, low carb, meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit)

    Past Regimens
    Tried Spiro 50mg - 150 mg increasing for about 8 months. It did nothing for my hair, but messed up my period, made me break out and pretty much zapped my sex drive. I stopped taking it a few months ago.