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    Hi ladies,

    I am a fellow sufferer; I have AAG. I wear my hair in a high bun most days now to cover my crown - even though I've had a couple of friends (maybe they are just being polite) and doctors dismiss that I really have a problem – but seriously, you should see my drain.

    Anyway, having received some pretty unsympathetic treatment myself, I'm conducting a journalistic investigation into how women with hair loss are being treated by the medical profession and the hair loss industry.

    I'm looking for women to come forward and give their stories, although you will not be named if you do not want to be. Your confidence is my utmost priority.

    Ideally, I would like to speak any woman:

    1) who has ever been told by their doctor that they just have to deal with it when reporting hair loss

    2) who has been refused a treatment that she has requested (Spiro etc)

    3) who has been mislead by a doctor into taking the contraceptive pill only to find that their hair loss worsened from taking it - particularly if they gave you a high androgen index pill

    4) who has been ripped off by a supposed doctor/trichologist

    5) who has been wrongly diagnosed with TE when it was really AAG

    6) who has turned their back on the medical industry and sought help from alternative practitioners (success stories and horror stories welcome)

    7) who has had to wait over a year for a diagnosis

    8) who has had difficulty being referred to a specialist

    9) who has been told that they have an iron problem, endured intensive iron therapy until a ‘healthy’ ferritin level was reached, only to see no improvement

    10) or any woman with any kind of horror story relating to unsympathetic treatment by a medical professional with regards to this condition

    If this is you, please, please get in touch ASAP, because something has to change, if not just for the sake of our sanity.