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    I thought it would help some of the women (mainly those after 30) who are recently experiencing hair loss to hear about a person who went through it (still going through it) but the initial shock, depression, really thinking you'll go bald, look like an alien, etc.. it all goes away and in most cases you will still look fine!!

    My whole life my hair was long, shiny, silky, and the one thing I had which I just loved and would not change. We all hate almost everything about ourselves! :O But I loved my hair. I felt it defined my beauty. 4 years ago it started falling insane right around the time I got married. Imagine a new bride dealing with hairloss. It started at my wedding indicating to me it was stress. Anyway, I noticed it thinner after 6 months and that's when the depression sank in. I was obsessed. Joined any online forum...I could find, every break at work, I would be researching hairloss, anytime I would have free time I'd be researching and reading about hair loss. To the point, that I could help others with hairloss since I knew so much about it. I read the same articles so many times I became so knowledgeable on it.

    I was on this forum ALOT for support. I would count my hair anywhere I was, shower, work, home...I made charts and graphs, took pictures of my head anywhere i went (I had 100s of pics of my damn scalp on my phone!). I spend thousands on doctors, treatments, biopsies of scalp (which confirmed androgenetic alopecia btw) vitamins, lab work, those laser combs brushes, expensive shampoos, serums etc... Not to mention what an impact it had on my marriage and such. I started therapy because I was so depressed. That helped a little to deal emotionally but still I was in that black hole.

    I became pregnant and as we all know pregnancy prevents hair from falling. A few months in, my hair stopped falling. It was amazing! 6 months after I had my baby it fell intensely..more than it did before. I had no time to worry about it. I had to focus on my baby. Since then I did not do one thing to help this situation because I had to find a job (I got laid off during my pregnancy). take care of a baby and had increased responsibilities, leaving no time for anything else. Now it's been almost 2 years since my baby was born and while my hair is still shedding more than it used to, I am not bald. It looks fine and more so, my life is not hijacked anymore. That's the main point. I strongly believe that if no one in your family (mother, sister, etc..) has any major issue (like are bald) then it's very likely you will not either. Your hair may not be the same as it used to be but especially if you are in your 30s your body changes. It falls, it grows, sometimes looks thick, sometimes thinner, but all in all it has stayed stable. I think the stuff I did help but it did not grow my hair back to what it used to be.

    Do what you can to help your hair, eat your vitamins, get tested for iron deficiency, check your thyroid, but if you don't have a major hairloss issue in your family (women on your mom or dad's side going bald) then you will most likely not either. Don't let it hijack your life (easier said than done) but that's why I wrote this. I don't do anything now except eat well and take a vitamin and watch my iron..It still makes me sad at time, don't get wrong but if I spent 80 hours a week worrying about my hair before, I maybe spend 1 hour a week worrying about it now :)

    If you truly have a problem where you've lost a significant amount and you see large bald spots then maybe yes you will need to look into something more serious. Most of us will not fall into that category.
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