Washing your hair...yay or nay?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Something I noticed a lot on this forum is that most people don't wash their hair daily. The one thing that I took from my derm was that my scalp should remain as clean as possible because buildup of oil on the scalp can affect the follicles, much like oil on the face causes buildup in the pores. Now I didn't take much from the doctors I saw re: my hair loss because of their flippant attitude but that bit of advice made sense to me at the time. I also find that my hair is MUCH too greasy to go to work without washing it, it looks just awful.

    Do most of you wash your hair only every few days? If so what's the benefit to this? And how do you keep it looking good?

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    I was every third day

    Hi Amanda,

    I just asked my derm the same question bc of some of the shampoos I use have the DHT inhibitors in them soooo shouldn't I try to get as much as that on my scalp to prevent the hair loss? I don't think I asked him the right way or maybe he didn't think much about those shampoos BUT what he did say - and I have totally noticed this - The less frequently you wash your hair the more shed you may see when you finally wash your hair. It is not that you are shedding more its just that if you don't wash and dry your hair everyday then all those hairs you would have lost daily, come out on those days you do wash your hair. i hope I am making sense! For example now that my shedding has slowed down a bit - on the days i don't wash my hair i lose between 30-40 hairs a day, then when I wash more than 150 comes out in the shower and while styling. I have been noticing that the day after i wash and style my hair the shed is the least then it ramps up a bit before I wash my hair again. My hair is color treated and my hairdresser suggested I try not to wash my hair everyday. At one point I was washing every 4 days if u can believe it and this from a girl/woman who used to wash EVERYday! But man, on day 4 it was just loads and load in my brush - devastating!!! Also I read on my shampoo labels (i think or somewhere else) that every third day is recommended. I wish u luck and hope I didn't confuse the issue!
    :) Hilary
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    I do not look forward to washing my hair. I start my morning stressed out because I know I need to wash my hair, but I do not look forward to seeing all my hair falling out. I don't know how some people can count or estimate how many hairs they've lost, but for me it seems like 200+ each time I shower...including washing my hair, brushing, blow drying, and styling. I feel as though I can make a hair piece with all the hair that falls out for about a month. I tried to upload photos of the aftermath but I don't know how to...this is my very first post. I also have long hair, the longest I've ever had in my lifetime - I'm 32. I keep it long to try to make the illusion that I have more hair. I'm also embarrassed and afraid to go to the salon. I'm scared that the person cutting my hair won't give it the right treatment and will be rough. Anyways, sorry I got off track. I wash my hair every other day. I agree with Hilary and think that would be the best way because it is heart breaking to see all the hairs in your hand that you have accumulated from not washing the days before. I also get white flakes and it shows a lot since I have black hair. So if I don't wash enough, I start to flake and my scalp gets itchy. I use Nioxin, which helps soothe the itchiness and some times helps with the flaking. I'm not much of a writer, so please bare with me. I'm going to try to post more often. I feel a little better after doing this one. Thanks for reading.