Ways to slow down increased shedding?

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    Ladies- I've been losing my hair for 2 years but recently (in the last two months) but hair loss has really sped up. Instead of losing 45-50 from washing and combing my hair each time (not to mention throughout the day but I measure my HL by what happens when I wash), I am now losing about 120 hairs.

    Since I don't have that much hair left at this point (Thank God I started with very thick hair) I would like to keep as much of my remaining hair as is possible. I have been diagnosed with AGA and with a TE that uncovered the AGA. So, my opinion is that I have both chronic TE and AGA together.

    Has anyone found anything that has slowed their TE? I am taking evening primrose oil, biotin 5,000 mg, B vits, vit. D and also 2.5 mg of Proscar and use 5% Rogaine.

    I was wondering about the Hair Max laser comb. Has anyone tried this to alleviate the shedding? I think that it might help with inflammation which I believe may be at the root of the increased shed, even though I see nothing going on at my scalp. It is not red or irritated looking. Thanks for any tips or words of advice!:confused: