Weighed down, lifeless hair

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    Hello. I lost a lot of my hair about two years ago, and since then I have had so many hair problems. Most recently I've been struggling with heavy, lifeless, straggly hair. It's hard to describe but that's pretty accurate. Also my hair underneath tends to clump together which makes it look even uglier.

    My hair actually used to be lovely. Bushy and curly. When I go out in the wind after brushing my hair it gets a bit of a film on it, I'm not sure what, but it makes it look oily and messy. I brush it and it improves. The same thing happens after sleeping all night, it gets all tangled and the same sort of coating. My hair seems to be a mixture of too much oil and also a bit dry perhaps. I wash it every three days at the moment as I still experience hair fall.

    I use natural shampoo, don't use any products, I rarely use heat/hot water and never straighten it.

    Has anyone experienced or heard of this sort of thing before? Please help...