Weight loss and hair loss

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    Hey everyone, I have not been on here for ages but I had problems before with my ferritin levels which were at pretty much 0 as they 6 when I got the first results and then awhile later I felt really bad and was put on iron tablets (my doctor had forgotten to give me iron when I got my results.) Now almost about a year on, my levels have shot up to 24! Woo hoo! :rolleyes:

    Anyway. I have recently lost weight and I have a healthy diet, I lost 26lbs. I take supplements to make sure I don't lack in anything, but my hair loss has started again, and this time it is bad! You can see my scalp in the light, I am freaking out and getting really down about it.

    I started taking a hair, nails and skin supplement a couple weeks ago, it contains biotin, I have added L-lysine to my iron tablets and vitamin C as I read it helps.

    Has this happened to any of you and did it stop before you had no hair left? Did it grow back? How did you deal with it? What helped?

    I am really desperate to try and slow this down at the very least :(

    Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks :)
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    Make sure you are having enough calories. As we all know it is restrict to having much calories for weight loss, restricting too much calories can cause of hair loss as the body does not provide enough energy to support hair growth. so care about it could be the reason.
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    Thank you for your reply. I am just maintaining my weight now, I started the 5:2 thing at the beginning of the year, but recently I have been adding more protein to my diet, my lean days are not semi-fast days anymore but on normal days I ate and still eat normally, a reasonable amount of calories for my height, in a varied and balanced diet. I had hair loss before due to low ferritin, it never really stopped but now it just decided to go a little mad. Also I have lost the weight over about 9-10 months so it's not an excessive amount of weight to lose. I hope my hair gets other ideas now and stops falling out. I *think* the shedding has slowed down a little now after about two months mad shedding.
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    Sorry to hear that but make sure to eat healthy foods and have a regular check up.
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    Better for you eat healthy food and gym
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    I DO eat healthy food, get blood tests every 3 months but I can't get my ferritin up, it went back down. I have said already that I eat a balanced diet. I don't eat junk food. So I am a little upset to see posts that suggest that I should eat a healthy diet and go to the gym, it is not constructive and that wasn't the original question. And with all due respect, none of you know my health history, so please don't assume that I take supplements because I don't eat a healthy diet or that I am healthy enough to go to the gym. I suffer from a chronic condition that keeps me from doing a lot of the things that people in perfectly good shape can do.
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    more sport, more healthy food, walk, a driving by bicycle or on rollers
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    Can you take a minute and read posts if you want to be constructive instead of posting random, useless and unrelated advice.
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    thank your for sharing...JB
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    I think they were posting what worked for them
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    I learned this recently in class, and by doing my own research, and well partly loosing weight will make your hair grow, BUT... to make your hair grow you need to cut out confectionery's, chocolates, chips, and mainly all junk food, && some meats. To make your hair grow you need to eat lot's of fruits & vegetables, things like Celery, and especially BROCCOLI! that's the best thing you could do to grow your hair longer, and also drink a lot of water, (your pee should almost be clear) {thats healthy}
    and stay away from salty foods, and exercise! :)