Weight loss, calories and hair loss?

Discussion in 'Open Topic (General)' started by KrazyKat, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. KrazyKat

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    Shedding A LOT here this past month: I'm wondering if being on a diet is making it worse? While I really don't need to lose weight (currently 108 with a goal of 105) and currently have a BMI of 20.4), due to my height (5'1") I consume only 1350 calories per day in order to lose one pound a week; and on the days I work out, once I deduct calories burned, sometimes my "net calories" are about 900. I actually eat very healthy: lots of fiber, protein, good fat, complex carbs and also take multi-vitamins and added zinc & l-lysine today. I did lose 4 pounds in the past 10 days though...
  2. evilleapplepie

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    Shedding from dietary changes (drastic dietary changes) usually doesn't occur for at least 6 months.
  3. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat New Member

    Thanks Apple--I can cross "weight loss" off my list of possible reasons it has gotten SO bad:)
  4. samantha3333

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    My first bout of TE actually was due to diatery/environmental change but it only lasted a month without having an impact on my hair. I was shedding more than 300 after shower at that time.
  5. LornaSalter

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    I just say a single line let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
  6. samantha3333

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    Then I really don't know the trigger of my first TE then. Five months before TE I was happy and stress free and just hanging around with frds all the time waiting to study abroad. Then the second month in a new country I lost huge amount of hair, up to 350 strands after shower!

    This time I had no idea what triggered what TE either, might be Accutane induced, and then prolonged by low ferritin and low vitamin D? I'm scared.
  7. Reha

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    Diet and beauty are co related more healthy food you intake which gives natural source of vitamins and proteins make your hair strong and glowing.
  8. eva92watson

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    Lifestyle changes can affect your hair. Get in touch with an expert to learn more about the condition of your hair before it is too late.