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    I started noticing thinning hair about a year ago. The dermatologist said it looked like Androgenetic Alopecia although there is no family history. Blood tests showed low testosterone, low DHEA, and low ferritin - 9. The Derm. put me on 200 mg. Spiro. and iron supplements. I did notice an increase in hair loss (although it may have increased before this and I just didn't pay any attention to it). After 2 months my ferritin rose to 40 and I noticed some re-growth so I quit the spiro. I didn't notice any increase in shedding right away. My kinesiologist tried giving me a thyroid supplement and my hair loss exploded. That's around the time I started counting the hairs - 130's. I quit the supplement and the loss subsided. They he gave me a low dose of DHEA. Again, the hair loss exploded. I quit the DHEA and it slowed. Then came a shot of estrogen and it exploded again. I picked up a mirror to check the damage on the top of my head and I broke down. I had thinned hugely! At first it had only been on the back of my head, now it was all over the crown. I panicked and went back on spiro. The loss slowed, 20-30 until the 4th month of being on it. I started a homeopathic detox and the hair loss skyrocketed to 150's. Quit the detox and the loss only came down to 70-100. It remained there for a month. I quit the spiro. again fearing that it was causing the loss. I've been off for almost 3 months and my shed has increased again into the 150s. My frontal hairline is almost gone. In desperation I started spiro. again last week. My Naturopath feels I can balance my hormones naturally. So far everything she has given me has made it worse. I don't know if spiro. is hurting or helping. Any advice would be well appreciated.