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    Hi Everyone - If you are unsure which forum to post in, you've landed in the right spot!
  2. tennisbuff1974

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    I am a 52 yr. old with thinning hair & brand new to this sight. Its been going on for approx. 4 yrs.when I started menopause. It just keeps on falling out. Ive been to my reg. physician, dermatologist, and endocrinologist with no help. I finally went to a company who uses the laser therapy & products. It is quite expensive & don't know if it is legite. The cost is $2,600 for 24 laser treatments & products. Has anyone used the laser & does it work???
  3. kawawa

    kawawa New Member

    Hi There

    I am sorry that you have entered our ranks, but you have found a good place to vent or look for advise. I have been around this hair loss thing for many years and I have never seen anyone benefit from laser treatments. I am sorry to say. I have also never seen anyone who was pleased after having hair transplant surgery. The best rememdies, since there doesn't seem to be a cure are cosmetic ones. Some women shave and find it very liberating, others get wigs or toppers. I have a bonded topper.

    There are also women who choose to use Toppik and continue to hide the thinning. Then there are women who are unable or unwilling to find a solution and bounce all over the place emotionally and financially.

    Have you ever looked at a cosmetic solution? Best of Luck, let me know if you have any questions in regards to cosmetic solutions.


  4. Sammy7

    Sammy7 New Member

    Don't brush with baldness: put down that comb


    I noticed that on Yahoo News Canada they have an article on hair brushing that I thought I would share with you! :)

    Here is the link...


    Basically they are informing us that "The women who combed twice a day lost three times more hair than those who combed once a day," .

    So comb your hair once a day! :) Seriously I would dread combing more once a day myself... why stress your self out by seeing more of your cherished hair come out :D
  5. susananne

    susananne New Member

    Dhea vs Dhea-s

    i have a question am wondering if anyone knows if it is better to have dhea or dhea-s tested and what is the difference? My doctor didnt seem to have heard of dhea-s but i thought that was the one you were supposed to have done when you are suffering from possible androgenic hair loss? anyone know? thank you
  6. marinasos

    marinasos New Member

    SAMMY7 @ thanks alot . . . really helpful . . . :-D
    as we should know how to comb our hairs . . . !!!Real time chicago Real Estate listings!
  7. Robynkay35

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    Hair max

    I use the hair max and it's 500 dollars. It's fda approved for men only, not women but I am still hopeful. I do see new growth but I am taking a lot of other products including rogaine so not sure.
  8. susieqbutte

    susieqbutte New Member

    quick question

    I readsomewhere that vitamin D deficency can cause hair loss, does anyone have info on this or somewhere I can get info? Thanks so much..Susie
  9. shasha1

    shasha1 Member

    I also read this and am deficient in Vit D. There is not a whole lot of literature on Vit D and it's link to HL. Even when I asked my derm he didn't seem to connect the two. however if you google it you will find some info. I have also talked to a few friends who are experiencing HL and both have mentioned low Vit D. I think it may not be the main contributing factor but if you have another contributing factor (iron, hormones, etc..) - I'm sure that increasing your Vit D to healthy levels can only help.
  10. peaceful7777

    peaceful7777 New Member

    I'm also a women that is 53 years old and I almost cried out loud as I realized I'm not alone.
    I've been getting weave and braids off an on for years. When I couldn't afford it I would put all my little hair tightly in a little bun, slapping gel all around the edges to make the little hairs lie down and conform to my scalp....
    Has anyone ever put in a ponytail??????? There are little clips that dig down into your scalp and a drawstring that you have to pull tight.....ponytails HURT.
    Yet, I would pull my bald self together and head out the door to enter the work place. I work 10 hour shifts, do you know those little combs attached to the ponytail dig down deep into your scalp until you are ready to SCREAM!!!!!
    All this pain and tortue, I have endured, making jokes about myself and the fact that now I'm a "bald headed chicken wing".....LOL.
    But, inside I was crying and little pieces of me was silently dying.
    I chaistized myself, saying, "How dare you...you are so vain. But, I just wanted to look nice, like I use too. I took my thin wispy hair for granted and now I have very little hair with red scalp showing everywhere.
    So, I thank you for this opportunity to be a part of your community. I thank you because I can talk about this openly and I thank you because now I can finally shed the tears, I've held inside so long. There are reasons why I'm balding and I know there are other women who feel my pain.
    Thank you and God Bless you, Richly.
    Debbie :)
  11. WickedVegasInk

    WickedVegasInk New Member

    I currently use a home use laser device (Nutreve)...and it is working for me. It only cost me $499 plus shipping, so it was definitely worth it! You might want to look into that instead. It sure is alot cheaper than the in office treatments, you know? :)
  12. Geneva R. Cash

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    How this device work for hair loss treatment ?how we can recover our hair problem in min time?
  13. JenniferR

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    Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I tried to post in Help/Questions and there wasn't a new thread option that I could find so I thought someone might be able to help me here. I am trying to upload an album and I can't find the route to upload pictures or view them. I used to see it on the other site, but not now. Thanks a bunch!
  14. Marrydsouza

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    Hello everyone can anybody suggest me natural treatment for hair loss problem.