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    Hi Everyone! I think the sub-forums I created pretty much encompass the majority of reasons that women lose their hair, so hopefully they allow women to engage in more specific conversations regarding their own type of hair loss.
  2. rainn

    rainn New Member

    Why am I losing so much hair?

    Hi, all,

    I am new to the forum and for the past year I have lost so much hair yet I still have a lot of hair. I'm in my mid-30s. I don't understand why I am losing hair - in the shower, combing my hair, running my fingers through my hair, etc. My hair is all over my house and it's really annoying. I don't take medication although I lead a very stressful lifestyle. Does anyone else have this condition or suggestion as to the reasons?

  3. Angela

    Angela Moderator

    There could be many reasons for hair loss and then there is the element of horrible surprise...no reason at all. Have you been to a doctor about it yet?
  4. mkaren

    mkaren New Member


    What is the best way to find a doctor in my area (naples, fl) who specializes in womens hair loss
  5. oneofme

    oneofme New Member

    I'm from the Midwest so maybe someone else can answer your question about Florida drs. If you don't find someone specifically, what I did was to look up in my insurance book dermatologists in my area and read on line (google the dr. and look up their qualifications/specialities)....... I have an app't. with a derm. who supposedly deals with skin and hair (others didn't mention hair.)

    I am hypothyroid so am going to ask for a thyroid test (includes free t3 and free t4); don't know if you have thyroid conditions or not; and D and iron, etc.

    I was going to try for an endocronologist (you might try the same search for that if you wish); some people have luck with them......

    And there are cases of gp's that know something about it; but I'm trying the derm. first!

    You could do some googling for hair loss drs. in your area. Good luck!
  6. bathory

    bathory New Member

    I dont understand it


    Need some advice I am 31 years of age and have noticed over the past 3 years a constant itchying to my scalp and hair loss. It appears were ever I itch I loss hair. I have racked my brains trying to figure out the cause. I have looked at my family hair on both sides and there is no female pattern baldness in my family - even the males hair isnt bad. I have had blood tests and still no known cause. I am going mad can anyone give me any help or advice.. i am so confused
  7. dcssalman

    dcssalman New Member

    I agree with you it depend and varies person to person
  8. Kailey Abril

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    The best way to think of the way hair grows is to picture a garden. How well it grows is completely a result of what is happening “underground.”
  9. Allision

    Allision New Member

    I'm New To The Forum And For The Past Year I Have Lost So Much Hair So What I Do..??
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  10. Dia Chawla

    Dia Chawla New Member

    First thing you need to find out what is main reason of your hair loss. There are following causes for Hair loss.

    1. Hormonal changes
    2. Genetic Effect
    3. A chronical Disease Like Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid
    4. Drink polluted or sewage Water
    5. Pollution Problem
    6. Use Wrong Hair Products
    7. Dandruff

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  11. Allision

    Allision New Member

    May Be Like Some Dandruff And Also So Itching Yet....
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  12. Dia Chawla

    Dia Chawla New Member

    Hi Allison Dandruff and Itching raise due to pollution, dust, less consumption of Water ,other vitamins and winter season.

    1. Take proper diet everyday.
    2. Drink planety of water at-least 6-8 glass everyday.
    3. For dandruff apply curd daily and rinse hairs after 1-2 hours
    4. Massage your hairs with hot coconut oil daily at night. Rinse hairs in the morning.
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  13. Allision

    Allision New Member

    Yes Sure I'll, Thank You Much Dia Chawla...
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  14. Neha Khan

    Neha Khan New Member

    I want to use hair growth vitamin. Can anyone plzz guide me?? I need some reviews about hairfinity hair growth vitamin. have anyone tried??
  15. Allision

    Allision New Member

    Hey neha do natural treatment for you hair because some madicine and chemical broken your hair and first of all you have to control your lice because they damaged your hair you can search on google how to treat lice