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    Hi Everyone! Over the years, I have personally struggled to find a hair stylist I felt would be understanding, gentle, and nonjudgmental about my hair loss. Someone I could felt 100% comfortable letting into my world, someone I could trust with cutting my hair... someone I could trust with my secret. Last October, I had a major meltdown. I was frustrated because my hair had become so thin, and I could no longer feel comfortable walking into a salon and sitting in a chair with wet hair as everyone around me saw the gapping thinning areas. I wrote a post about my feelings and emotions, it's titled "I’ve Travelled So Far, Yet Find Myself Trapped… Again. Gee Thanks Hair Loss!"

    This is why I know this part of the forum is necessary. I know there HAS to be a few good, caring individuals who cut hair. So if you know one and would like to share their information, please do so here.
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    Hi there,

    More than finding a stylist i feel you must do something to take care of that hair damage that causes hair loss. THERE are many home remedies and treatments you can do to lessen the hair loss and get thick strong hair.
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    The important thing you can do

    I think the most important thing is not to find a barber, you want to protect your hair, how to reduce the hair cut, you should take action. A good hairdresser no hair is no effect, and the hair will design a good hair, isn't it?
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    Great salon for women with hair loss

    I live in a northern suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would recommend the Anita M Hair Studio in Richboro. Anita is the owner, and she has 40 years experience with hairpieces. When she was young, she worked for Disney World doing the hairpieces and wigs of the actors. She does have a private room in the salon. I got my first hairpiece from her about a month ago. I get so many compliments on my hair. The link is: http://anitamhairstudio.com/about.php
  5. Beliza

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    Charii, I know one other lady who is happy with Anita M Hair Studio :). I'm glad you found them, too.
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    Thanks Beliza :) Yesterday I wore my hairpiece to a dinner with friends. They all wanted to know what I did with my hair, but no one could tell. Amazing.
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    I Think The Most Important This Is Not Fine A Barber, You Want To Project Your Hair....
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    This breaks my heart to read! I am a hair designer and hair loss solution specialist and the best part of my
    Job is giving someone an emotional transformstion, and making them feel as beautiful as they actually are! There truley is no better feeling than making someone else feel beautiful. I have a clientele full of people who wear extensions and hair systems. I love seeing the transformation from the first consultation with me when they are embarrassed and insecure, to then seeing them wearing a system and feeling so amazing, nearly skipping down the middle of the salon! after doing this as long as I have, I've realized the people I need to help and want to help, aren't the clients already in the salon. The people that need my help don't come into the salon for the exact reason you just said. Im on a mission to change that and I'm thankful I just found this blog today, because this allows me to reach the people I can help! I am located in massachusettes boston/south shore area, ready and willing to make you feel beautiful again! Xo
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    What About Hair Lice & Nits Treatment Or Problem..??
  10. kayla laumann

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    I have never experienced any sort of a problem with lice or nits. The hair is chemically treated when the system is being made (it is hand tied), to be the cleansed, colored, and the texture you desire. For as long as I have been in this industry I have never experienced a client with lice. I would imagine it would be hard for someone wearing this to get lice because they wouldn't be able to lay eggs on a scalp. And if it got underneath, we would go about the same treatment to get rid of it.
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