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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Women's Hair Loss Project, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone - This forum dedicated to everything related to hair loss treatments. Feel free to discuss any treatments you are trying, have tried, or are considering trying, or post about any treatment you are curious about.
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    Hi Priyanka - I'm especially sympathetic because I am guessing from your name that we share heritage from the subcontinent. That means high contrast black hair and light dandruff, so it's probably driving you crazy! Easy for me to say, but you MUST see a dermatologist! I know it might be expensive or you might need a referral, but demand it! My greatest regret is that I put off going to a dermatologist about my acne until I was 32. When I went, I had to admit that I had acne since I was 11! The money you spend on over the counter treatments and shampoos are wasted - you may have super oily scalp/hair which can create lots of dandruff, or maybe you have a fungal infection - these things can only be treated with strong prescriptions - the sooner the better!
    Don't wait! Good Luck!