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Discussion in 'Inspiration' started by Women's Hair Loss Project, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Women's Hair Loss Project

    Women's Hair Loss Project Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Everyone! What inspires you? Post it here.
  2. marinasos

    marinasos New Member

    hi . . . !!!
    em 28 years old and my hairs are turning white . . . as the doctors says its a weakness of my brain . . . what you people suggest for me . . . ???
  3. shinning_likeme

    shinning_likeme New Member

    Hi there,

    for me my inspiration is my loving husband and my children, to see me upset everyday they got upset too, so i chinned up and felt positive again for them, as they love me alot, inspit of my shinning barren head. lol
  4. akilkumar

    akilkumar New Member

    My inspiration is best friend. Because he's having good hair style and he did some hair transplant from cosmetic studio..