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    Nice one Lisamarie, well said! This exact thing has happened to a few people I know now - hypo but not low enough for diagnosis. My mom was one of them and we asked for a referral to an endocrinologist. The GP said she didn't want to waste specialist resources on us. Naturopathic physicians can be a big help with diagnosing and treating this type of 'mild' thyroid problem too.
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    I am new here and very anxious ..

    Hi everyone,

    I am new here and not sure how to proceed . I never , ever thought I would be dealing with this issue and am having anxiety just coming here and posting . In a strange sort of way it makes my hair issue more real . If that makes any sense!
    I just turned 42 and have been dealing with hair loss and breakage for about 13 years now . Maybe even longer . I have had short hair most of my life out of convenience ( I was raising 3 kids ) and so I only noticed some of the hair breakage at the root and not really the loss . I started growing my hair out last year because I thought it would be a nice change .. It was a change alright ! Just not a nice one . So as I was growing it out I would just throw it up in a clip right after I got out of the shower and never really paid attention to it . Then I decided I wanted to wear it down one day and it just looked like I barely had any hair . I thought it was just me being down on myself so proceeded to style it ( doing a ton of back combing ) and then went to church where my family also attends . I asked my sister what she thought of my hair down . She took me aside and gently said that it looked pretty bad and I should start wearing extensions . I went out and bought them the next day and loved having hair . Well now my hair is so thin and broken that extensions are almost no longer an option for me . I am looking at wigs now .
    I also have a ton of other health issues , I am on thyroid pills , bio identical hormones and was diagnosed with some severe food allergies . I don't really know what is happening to me and it's pretty scary . I have suffered from bouts of depression because of this and it feels like nobody understands what I am going through . I have less hair than my 82 year old grandmother now !! I just ordered a color ring for a wig and the reality is setting in .

    I do have a question ... My husband and I ride motorcycles and I was wondering if anyone here wears a wig with a helmet and how that works for you ?

    Sorry for my rambling . I just cannot get my thoughts and feelings written out . They are really jumbled and confused right now . Sad too.
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    New To The Site

    I am 33 years old and first noticed my hair loss about 3 years ago when my ponytail became thinner. I then began noticing a rapid amount of shedding on my bathroom floor. I've tried various products and nothing has worked, which has been extremely frustating! It's stressful to think about how much money I've spent on products. I guess I just keep hoping something will work.

    I think about my hair loss all the time. I wonder if other people notice and I can't help but wonder, if it's this bad at 33, what is it going to be like when I'm 43?! It really does consume your life... and it's frustrating that there are a limited amount of resources out there that are proven to be effective for women with hair loss. You have this disease that breaks down your self esteem and no one has any answers or seems to care!!

    I recently started using Minoxidil, (as if I haven't spent enough money on products) and have noticed my hair to be very dry. I have also noticed my scalp to be little a itchy. Nothing painful, but just curious if anyone has had the same experience, or any advice. I have also an appointment with my Gyno tomorrow and I am hoping to have some tests done to check my iron and thyroid levels.

    I am very happy to find a place where I can talk freely about my hair loss, escpecially to people who understand where I'm coming from. This site makes me feel like I am not alone. Thank you!
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    Hello AzChiOr!

    I haven't dealt with any of the above mentioned, but I have a friend who cannot use Minoxidil because her scalp is too sensitive. It causes her substantial discomfort, with really bad itching and burning.

    It might be that you just have a very slight allergic reaction to the Minoxidil, and that is why it causes your scalp to itch. I've read about all different kinds of levels of reactions to it as well. Some people just can't take the Minoxidil on their scalp, some have small to mediium reactions to it (itching, burning, pain, etc), some peoples hair dries out from the chemical, etc. It just depends on the person. Everyone always has different interations and reactions with any time of chemical/drug/medication.

    I would advise you to speak to your doctor about the reaction you have to it, and see what he says. If it doesn't cause any damage and the Minoxidil actually works for you, he may tell you just to continue using it if you can handle the itching, and just to use a really good conditioner to combat the dryness. Then again, he may tell you just not to use it anymore.

    If you google search Minoxidil, there is all kinds of info out there about it, including entries on wikipedia.

    Hope this helps!
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    Not ready to be bald

    I have been frantically searching the web and came across this forum a few months ago. I am so depressed about my hair - or lack thereof, that I think I'm getting obsessive about it.

    I started noticing that my hair was thinner about two years ago. I had quite a bit of hair falling out and my scalp started burning and itching. Now it has progressed to the point that I think I have about 1/3 of the hair I used to have. You can see my scalp on the top of my head (not significantly but I can tell) that I cover with bumble and bumble powder shampoo spray.

    I don't know where this is going to lead but I am so upset about what is happening. It makes me feel ugly and insecure. I am a breast cancer survivor and I also took Synthroid for a underactive thyroid. I read a few posts here that said Synthroid can cause hair loss so I switched to Amour Thyroid.

    I'm afraid that I have FPB (although it is not the usual form of hair loss) and that terrifies me. Deep down I think, maybe it's this or maybe it's that and it will come back. The tingling and itching are driving me crazy and I haven't read that that is from FPB. I know I'm rambling here but I'm pouring my heart out because I don't know where to go. I've gone to a dermatologist and she referred me to a specialist in NYC that charged me a boatload of $$ and told me to start using Rogaine. Which I am....the men's version.

    Please help....I'm not sure what to do next. I know I should be grateful that I survived my cancer 13 years ago and I truly am. This is just so devastating. I work in a bit of a high powered career and getting dressed for work is daunting!

    Thank you......!
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    Help please

    Hi I have had a bad year, I have been suffering with heavy periods since April 2011 when I miscarried, contraceptive pills were changed I was taken off the pill put back on again, tried to insert coil but it wouldn't go in, I have two children 13 and 10 both born c section. Finally after a 23 day period I was referred to gynaecologist who arranged a scan, had scan 15/12/2012 at this point I was not on pill. As told to come off, scan found a mass in womb lady scanning said was a polyp said to wait to hear from consultant, 18/12/2012 did a positive pregnancy test!!!! Very out of the blue, was told with size of mass wouldn't be able to fall!!!
    I was referred to epu for scans told I was about 5-6 weeks, at this stage treat as normal pregnancy couldn't remove anything whilst pregnant, I had lots of weekly bleeds had to keep going in to epu or emergency. For scans but at 11 weeks I was given all clear, me and baby were fine normal pregnancy and mass would be removed when baby born, feb 13th didn't feel pregnant!!! Strange I spoke to midwife who booked a scan for following day just to settle my mind, 14/02/13 valentines day!! Me and husband went for scan I could see immediately no heart beat, slumped baby, my baby had died I was 14 weeks, I was given a pill to stop pregnancy hormone this was a Thursday, I had to go back 1.30 Saturday to be induced into labour, I won't go into the upset that's a whole other story, I was in labour for 9 hours and then I delivered my baby I have two children never given birth and the first time I do it's too a child that's died, doesn't seem real, anyway funeral happened april 15th as I couldn't deal with it before this, then I finally had op July 5th turned out was a fibroid, was discharged from gynaecologist told everything should sort out and that was that,
    My periods were still very heavy didnt seem any better I was put back on contraceptive pill in September 2013, in November went to docs as losing hair, he told me alopecia as my mum had alopecia areata, I asked for blood tests for iron and thyroid but he said I looked ok to him!
    A week later and lots of tears booked to see different gp, he said come off pill incase testosterone, and did blood tests, everything came back fine except ferritin level was 8!!! Very low I think must be because of heavy periods, anyway been prescribed to take 2 ferrous fumerate a day, hair still shedding lost about 30-40% I should say from all over and one temple which I've been told temple mAy be because of pregnancy?? Anyway I can't sleep through worrying constant about hair I look in mirror all the time, I have long dark hair so scalp seems very noticeable my hair is fine making it worse!! I have also since April lost 2 stones 4 pounds in 12 weeks have been told this kind of weight loss doesn't help hair. I am doing everything I should taking tablets with orange juice not wearing hair up, using wide tooth comb, I've bought a shampoo and conditioner called nioxin? But hair still falling I daren't have roots dyed, I don't know what to do I can't cope with it at all, I count my hairs in comb am I going to go bald? When will the hair shedding stop u understand it won't grow back straight away but if it stopped now I could cope but if it keeps falling its not growing back in time, someone please help I don't know what to do, very desperate !!!
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    When you fight with hair loss, you should know that many of medications lead to excessive hair growth not only on the place they should be - on the head, but all over your body. You and your doctor should be extremely cautious.
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    Hello, I am new to this site and need help! I have been stressing out horribly the past couple months from hair loss. It started fast when I noticed it in my hair brush by the strands. Within one month half of my long thick hair is gone. I feel very insecure and everyone has been noticing. Im stressed beyond belief. I recently had some blood work that came back good. I do suffer from some illness but never had hair loss please help!!!
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    I Just Found This Site And Joined Cx Of Some Question That I Have. I Also Do Not Really Know With My Condition Or Experience With The Issue...
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