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Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by Women's Hair Loss Project, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone! We all need tons of posts to be placed here :D If you were lucky enough to find a good doctor, please share your experience with him/her.

    What did you like about them?
    How long do you have to wait for an appointment?
    Do they take insurance?
    What is the physician's specialty? (dermatologist, endocrinologist etc)
    What type of tests did they run?
    Did you get an actual diagnosis?
    Are they caring and understanding?
    Do they prescribe the available treatments for women's hair loss (for example Aldactone)?
    Did they explain the possible problems that could arise from treating your hair loss with xyz treatment?

    And of course anything else you want to share.

    Please make sure to write the doctor's name and location in the title.