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    Hi Everyone - This forum is designated for success stories. I believe success is more than just our hair growing back (although that's nice too) I believe an improvement in self esteem and acceptance is very much considered "success." Share your success here!
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    Natural Methods Work For Me

    I was really happy to find this site. I struggle with hair loss and there really isn't anyone that I can truly talk to about my struggle. Sure I have family and friends, but unless that individual is struggling with hair loss, I don't think they get the gravity of it. My grandmother had beautiful hair in her youth, but started loosing it in her early 30's and by the time she was 45 she started wearing wigs. It was a very sensitive topic for her too. To make matters worse there wasn't a lot of understanding or information available to her regarding how to treat and stop hair loss. What she knew was that there was no cure and that one day she would be completely bald. She was also a beautician who did some experimenting with new styles in her youth. She just figured it was something she did to her hair, which it probably was, but there could have been more associated with her condition then she knew at that time.

    I am grateful for modern technology because the smarter we get the more we learn about how the human body works and responds to the environment around us the more knowledge we acquire about the causes of hair loss in women. My grandmother stated her condition started with sores. The doctor gave her some type of steroid cream to heal the sores but for years they always came back. Something else she learned to live with. Something very similar happened to me. I am a woman of color. In the 80's and 90's wearing a wet spirally, curly perm (the infamous Jerry Curl) was a big thing in the Black Community. You couldn't let that hairstyle dry out, so using heavy greasy/sticky jells was part of the hair care regime. I got one of those shiny Michael Jackson perms in my early 20's. All that oily, dampness caused an infection (folliculitis).

    There wasn't an antibiotic on the market that could cure that condition for me. The ONLY thing that worked was dandruff shampoo. It cleared the fungal infection, but I was always very sensitive in the areas where the infection started (on the top of my head). What I didn't know what that my pores were still clogged. Anytime I put any type of product on that part of my scalp it would immediately get irritated. Years later in my late 20's I noticed my hair started thinning on the top more towards the back, then slowly the thinning spread to the top of my head. I just figured I had inherited my grandmother's condition. In my early 30's she died from metastasized breast cancer (killed her within a year of diagnosis at the age of 79). She also had a hysterectomy in her 40's due to benign fibroid tumors.

    Everything my grandmother was suffering from had to do with a hormonal imbalance. Breast cancer is considered a hormonal cancer, there are suspicions that fibroid tumors (although usually noncancerous) are also related to hormonal changes, especially in menopausal and pre-menopausal women. All of a sudden in my early 40's my period was out of control, sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't...it's always way too heavy..thought I was going to loose my sanity. After an examination and an ultrasound I too have fibroids and could be heading for a hysterectomy myself. So how does this relate to my hair?

    I tried using minoxidil and rogaine, which did very little to help regrow my hair. I found something online called hair essentials, a vitamin supplement with Saw Palmetto in it, and started having some positive results with it. I started taking an iron supplement (I have been anemic all my life) and a multi-vitamin too...and then my hormones started acting up.

    My doctor stated she wanted to put me on progesterone to balance out my periods. I researched progesterone and didn't like the side effects, so I started looking for natural remedies. I started using a plant based, natural progesterone replacement cream. Although my period is still heavy (probably a diet issue) almost instantly the cream regulated my period. No more bleeding two weeks non-stop, off for two weeks, then bleeding again 2 weeks long...then not bleeding for 6 weeks. I figured I would bleed to death before I could have surgery (which I have now postponed since starting the cream). So in the process of all of this my hair is growing back a little faster since I started the cream.

    Then I read up on the benefits of washing my hair with apple cider vinegar to remove product build up. At that time I had no idea that it promoted growth, but all of a sudden my hair transformed and started looking even healthier, it got softer and again I started to see even more improvement in my hair growth. Apple Cider Vinegar removes build up from DHT on the scalp, and in the follicles. I am 44 years old...my hair has been slowly falling out since I was about 26. I wear my hair in a ball to hide the top, but the front bang area was becoming more of a challenge to hide until recently. I started trying new things 5 or 6 years ago, even going natural and refusing to use chemical perms on my hair. I don't know if it is too late, but what I do know is that I have positive results with what I have done. Most of the shiny spots on my head have been replaced with fine black hairs. I am optimistic, with what I have learned about hormones and DHT, that I will see more results. My only concern is the question, "Did I finally learn too late?"
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    Is it normal: spiro shed/6 months treatment?

    Dear women in the forum,

    I have been on spiro (100 mg 2x day) for 6 months. I have AGA, testosterone sensitivity. This was the diagnosis as all my tests came normal. I have been taking spiro and also iron pills as one of my doctors (I visited one internal medicine doctor and one endocrinologist) said ferritin levels had to be 100 for proper regrow. My first 3 months were very stressful as my hair loss persisted, but as I reached the 4th month or so I had very little shedding, 20 hairs a day and for the last 3 months I hardly shed and although regrowth seemed minimal I was calm and hopeful....(I mean as calm as a woman can be with this problem).

    I posted here one time before saying that I was happy with how spiro was maybe working for me, because I wanted so much to share good news and I though I was on the way to recovery....but out of a sudden, for the past 6 days I started shedding so much, more than 100 hairs per day. :-(...Im so sad, its like these past 6 months were for nothing...I dont know the reason why I could be shedding...Is it normal to have a shed on spiro out of a sudden after 6 months? does this mean the spiro is no longer working? does it mean I need a BC pill/estrogen? Has someone experienced shedding periods while on treatment with spiro? could this be that new hairs will grow thicker, or is this 6 month shed unusual? :confused:

    I would really appreciate your opinion...Im so devastated, I feel I cannot handle this anymore, I spent all my free time reading about hair loss to try to understand and crying, crying....I am not the same person I was before all this nightmare began....(3 years ago after using nuova ring)......

    I do not know if this info is relevant but exactly 1 month ago I was given an iron infusion (venofer). This is what one of my doctors suggested as after taking iron pills for 5 months my levels were only 53 (I was initially 47). Could this be causing the current shed?

    Thanks a lot for being there, I have read sucess stories here and I was so happy...and I was also touched my people's solidarity in this forum....
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    hello :)

    hiii... actually this site helped me a lot..read many personal stories....and it has encouraged me lot.... and taught me how to deal my hairloss problem with patience.. ... i hav gone thru severe hair los.. there was a time when i actually gave up.. but today i can smile and say there is a solution to every problem.... and now a days.. i hardly lose 4-5 hair strands a day.which was 20-30 a day earlier.... and i hope my hair will gain the previous volume it had.... don't know what am i blabbering but by posting this my motive was to say that do not ever give up..keep trying...keep finding solutions.. something or the ther will definitely work... and a bigggggg thanx to the lovely lady who created this forum....))

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    Hi Ankita. Can you give some insight as to what your problem was and how your hairfall reduced so much. So happy to hear your story and we'd like to know more to keep us all going :)
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    naturalnappy - just wanted to know if you r still usin hair esstials & would recommend it?
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    No I gave up on that stuff a long time ago. I added flaxseed to my diet and have had really good results with it. I recently started taking b100 tablets daily too. I think I vitamin for the hair is a good thing, but the hair essentials gave me very few results after taking it nearly two years. I think the flax oil in it made a difference, but not enough. Once I started mixing the flaxseed in my food the new growth was dramatic after about three months. I still struggle with thinning in the temples, but my big shiny bald spot in the back is gone.
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    thanks so much!!
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    I use no poo in total 21 years and we have traditional hair wash. I started to use shampoo when I came to university, and continue using it in 10 years ( during this time I dyed my hair frequently, therefore it became worst than ever ). But unfortunately i got hair loss ( 1/3 of my initial hair), so now I decided to use no-poo again more than 2 years

    If you are struggling to hairloss,grey hair growth, slowly hairgrowth and itchy scalp dandruff, I would like to advice you stop using shampoo and using herbs instead


    1. Water : 1 liter

    2. lemon juice or lime juice: 1 or half of lemon ( in order to make hair shinny and stop dandruff)

    3. chumket (boket) : 3 pcs or 1 pack ( in order to promote healthy hair growth, soften hair, remove itchy scalp dandruff, and stop grey hair )

    4. Lemon + grapefruits ( or pomelo) peel: after juicing lemon can use that part+ skin of pomelo or grapefruit (in order to help fight against dandruff, stimulates scalp and promotes hair growth, strengthens hair roots, and conditions hair to make it shinier and thicker)

    5. Lemongrass root: 2 pcs or 3 drops of lemon grass essential oil ( to fight hair loss, treat oily hair, and cure scalp conditions)

    6. Greentea : 1 or 2 pack ( to stimulate hair growth, prevent UV, reduce hair fall, will also prevent dandruff or any other scalp problems)

    7. Mint tea: 1 pack ( to prevent the return of dandruff)

    8. Holy Basil : 1-2 dried , fresh with flowers pcs or 1-2 drops of essential oil ( have strong antioxidan , strong smell)

    9. coriandrum sativum ( can be seed or leaves but need to old one) : 5g ( hair care and good smell)


    1. Pour water into a pot

    2. Cut half of lemon, juice it and put skin into the pot

    3. Put chumket, grapefruit peel, lemongrass, ½ greentea, mint tea, holy basil , coriandrum sativum

    4. Cook it together till it boiled(if you have chumket, becareful it will be overflow as it has foam) . At the same time , you should squeeze another half lemon juice with half of green tea for last step as a conditioner mix with 500 ml of cold water ( use net to avoid unexpected stuffs will be kept on your hair)

    5. When it boiled , keep boiling in 5 min. Then just mix it with cold water 3 liters squeeze all stuffs in the pot to get the best nutrients, then use net filter to take out the unnecessary stuffs

    6. Just wash your hair as you wash normal water, at the same time massage for your scalp

    7. Last step, Use lemon grass+ green tea you made in step 4, put all your hair into it

    8. You could you use 2 drops of argan oil, put it into your balm and massage for hair as last step

    Actually, you finished and just use big towel and dry your hair naturally do not use heat

    1. In case you have big troubles with hair loss ( specially after giving birth) , you should spray essential of pomelo's flowers+skin within one or two months everyday and massage in 2-3 min ( any time of the day), it keep your hair the best smell

    2. In case you want to prevent grey hair, you should use he shou wu powder ( Chinese method ) as tea to drink everyday within one year

    You should use cold water, your hair will be stronger and give you the best result. As my experience, just after two weeks I can see the effective. I was happy with my hair after 3 months, my hair grew faster ( 6 months 20 cm), reduced hair loss 80-90% , grey hair also reduced 70% . From the beginning your hair doesn’t familiar with the new method, do not give up. You continue using it in 1 -2 months

    Hope this helpful for you

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    When I started getting hair loss at a young age. My concern was how to get it back, I tried a lot of stuff-hair oils, hair gels, homeopathy, however hair never grew. My homeopathy doctor said I was not a good candidate for hair transplant, because my density on back was less which later turned out to be false. He was scared he would lose out on me as a client.

    One day I saw an advertisement on paper about hair transplant by Cosmetic Studio. I was skeptical as my homeopathy doctor had told me I was not a good candidate, however after a few months when I saw the advertisement again I decided to approach and see what could be done. I am extremely happy by the transformation my hair transplant did to change my look. I would recommend Cosmetic Studio for a good hair transplant at a decent price, and as per my experience do not feel shy to take a second opinion if the current treatment you take is not working for you.