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    Hey everyone,

    I know this wasn't the cause of my initial TE, but I did use WEN products for a couple months after about 8 months into my extreme shed because my hair texture changed and it was SOOO dry someone told me about this product. Bad idea! Never again!

    It made the hair loss worse and I had no idea it could have contributed until my friend posted this the other day! I thought I'd warn all of you ladies to avoid this product like the plague. I thought buying an expensive, nice shampoo would be good for my hair, but think again.

    I was like TE and then this?! No freaking way. BTW, mine is CTE now at one year with absolutely no regrowth, over 80% lost in volume. Bought one wig but too self conscious to wear it.

    Considering Rogaine at this point, but am freaked out by it as well. Anyone have good results with it? My hair is just falling out and hibernating... It was confirmed by biopsy that it's TE, not AGA, but it's not growing back. My hair specialist derm said 2-6 years for it to get close to normal. I got back on the pill when it started shedding HORRIBLY last year, but now I'm afraid to get off since the shedding has slowed a ton, but still happening with no regrowth. This is crazy. Why can't hair just do it's job and grow??? So confused.
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    I'm so sorry. While I'm still waiting to have some sort of diagnosis of what exactly mine is and whether or not it will grow back, I understand the frustration in your words. I have been trying Rogaine. I used it for several months last year and I think that it may have slowed down my shed, but not stopped it. I just started using it again about a month ago because my hair has thinned even more so and I'm desperate.

    I also wonder if any of those hair thickening shampoos work to at least help mask the thinning hair effect, but I've never tried those. And I also worry they might be too filled with chemicals and too harsh, causing more damage.

    While I'm glad that you know that it's CTE, I know that still doesn't help if the hair isn't growing back. It's a step, but not one that provides immediate relief. I really hope that you can start seeing some regrowth. What did your hair specialist say? That it would just start growing back on it's own in 2-6 years or were you able to find a root cause of the CTE that you could take care of first?

    We're here to help provide support!! Remember that.

    Nature Nat
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