what do you think causes my hair loss? please help!

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    im new in here and as a start I want to consult you ladies about the causes of my hair loss. so here is my story:

    backup info:I am 20 years old and have hair issues since 15 months. My eating habits at that time were not really good, I was skipping meals, not eating enough fruits, vegetables or nuts. and personally I am a stressed out and anxcious person. My father is bald, my mother has normal hair(not thick not thin) and from both sides there is no woman in my family who has hair issues. My hair was shedding since I was 17 but I was not taking it seriously since I had really thick hair. I dont have PCOS and I never did and will never use medicines like Rogaine or Minoxidil which need to be used for lifetime.

    15 months ago, all of a sudden my hair started falling out very rapidly. Those were all 1-2 inch(2-5cm) long hair and with huge white bulbs in the end. Along with that there was a constant burning on my scalp which was really painful. My eyebrows also shed a lot at that time. My hair fell out so much in just 3 4 weeks that it was obvious from the outside, people were asking me "what happenned to your hair?". Without going to a doctor, I started taking zinc and biotin pills and rubbed my hair natural oil mixture once a week. In a few months the shedding slowed down, or even it was over, but it was still thinning and there was not any regrowth so my scalp could still be seen, from the frontline at most.

    Then I went to a doctor 5 months after the shedding first started. My ferritin level was 7.7 which was very low and my B12 was also low. I started takin iron pills and B12 shots and I continued for only 2 months.

    I did nothing for another 5 months then I went to a dermatologist. (the burning and the white bulbs faded away at that period). My ferritin was 15 and B12 was at normal range but close to the low range. She said that I have androgenetic alopecia mixed with other issues. She gave me Biotin(10mg per day), iron pills(80mg per day), a multivitamin, a pill with green tea extract, and to use at nights Shen Min topical(it includes saw palmetto and he shou wu but also paraben if it matters) and on my own I started using Avalon Biotin Shampoo.

    about thyroid; my FT3, FT4, TSHi Anti TPO, Anti TG levels seem to be in normal range but I have %80 of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto's. My estrogen and testosterone levels are at normal range as well.

    almost for 3 months Im taking those pills, vitamins, using the topical solution
    I recently changed my eating habits and started eating a lot of healthy and iron rich food.
    I started massaging my scalp with essential oils(emu+coconut for now, sometimes jojoba oil for sebum)

    THE PROBLEM is: my hair is not getting better. Since 3 months the top part of my hair thinned out even more, the scalp from the frontline can be seen even more and I feel terrible. They dont have to work in 3 months, I was not expecting to see thick, full hair after 3 months but I was not expecting it to get worse either! and another info: my estradiol level decreased from 72 to 38 in last three months(tests were done on 2nd day of period) 38 is also at normal range but is it too low?

    btw my hair is not shedding a lot, 20-30 strands a day at most, but very very little 0.5 inch(1 cm) hair which are really thin and fuzzy are shedding as well.

    So my QUESTIONS ARE, considering the way of shedding, burning, my blood levels and thinned out areas(frontline at most);
    what do you think causes my hair loss and thinning, androgenetic alopecia, iron deficiency, stress, other?
    Is it normal for hair to get even worse and thin out more after doing all those positive things?
    Is it normal for fuzzy hair which is 1-2 inch long to shed? what can cause it?

    do you think I can regrow all of my hair back? how long will it take?

    I know it has been really long and detailed but I would really appreciate if you can take your time and write me an answer. Its really stressing and no one(the doctors) seems to be helping.