what does your mom's hair look like?

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    Given that hairloss is usually genetic, I've given this alot of thought.

    My mom is 60. She has goregous hair! Her entire life it's been incredibly thick. It's alot finer than it used to be, but she still has a TON of it. Then there's my daughter. The irony never escapes me. She is nine years old, and severely autistic. She is beautiful and has amazing hair. Thick, dark, straight and silky. You could shave it all of tomorrow and she would neither notice nor care. Like I said, the irony of having to care for it never escapes me. :(

    My dad is bald, and started thinning at a fairly early age. Guess I just grabbed the genetic short straw.

    Am just wondering if I'm the only one in a sandwich generation of women with goregous hair who got escaped?
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    bald as an eagle

    my mother has been wearing a wig since she was in her late 30s. she has 2 sisters that still have a FULL head of hair in their 80s. her mother died at 97 with tons of hair. Both my mothers sisters have daughters with tons of hair. Then there is me and my mother - so depressing. My daughter had so much hair as a child it was hard to take care of. when she went through puberty she lost half of it. I have spent a lot of time myself wondering where this *&^%$#* gene came from. my mother went through her life apologizing to her family for embarrassing THEM!!!:(
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    Hi imadesphousewife,

    My mother looks like a five or six on the norwood scale for male pattern baldness. She started losing in her 30's as I did but she never tried to do anything about it. Back then her hair loss was on the ludwig scale but once her hair line gave up she started looking like a man. Three of her four sisters are just as bald and they never did anything about it either. Her forth sister wears wigs 24/7 so none of us actually knows how bad her hair loss is. My female cousins on my mother’s side are also dealing with hair loss. They are treating it as my sister and I are.

    My pattern was similar to my mothers. My sister is seven years younger than me and she started losing in her 30's as well. She and I are successfully treating and reversing our hair loss. I was wearing wigs for several years but now I no longer need to. My sister never got to the point of needing wigs and I am pretty sure she never will because she is responding to treatment as well as I have and she did not lose as much hair as I lost.

    It's a family curse. My sister is keeping an eye on her two daughters to make sure to identify the problem early if they show signs of inheriting this curse. The sooner you start treatment the more likely you are to be successful.