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    Hey guys! So I was having hair loss BAD! every time I'd get out of the shower I would have clumps of hair fall out which I could easily hold with both my hands. Im not much of a counter but did count once or twice and post shower I would average 300+ hairs lost..plus my hair would be all over the floor falling like crazy throughout the day.

    I searched online and found that a lot of ppl were saying positive things about Nisim FAST shampoo so I decided to give it a try, and bought NaturalWellbeing supplements for hairloss as well. After using Nisim just twice, I noticed that my hairloss dramatically decreased to about 1/4 of what I was usually shedding. I've had good results so far. Although it isn't intended for hairloss (it's to grow your hair faster), I love this product and has really helped me. I've been extremely depressed and losing A LOT of hair. I dont know whether the supplements will help, as I just started taking them 2 weeks ago and they say to give it at least 3 months so I will keep u guys posted on that.
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    You could try usin Nisim New Biofactors shampoo and extract. It is meant for hair loss and works great!
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    Good luck on fixing your problem! They say it takes a week for Nisim to have effect on hair loss. I'd love to try this one too however I'm not sure where to get it and how much it costs. I searched on the Internet and received a lot of different results so now I'm confused a bit.

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