what have I done to myself?

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    Yeah, the hair analysis is not like a biopsy. They can't tell you why your hair is falling out by looking at the hair, unless they are looking at the root.
    I do have thyroid disease and always had thin hair. It was also receding for awhile due to PCOS, but like you, I have no answer as to the exact trigger, but it started 14 months ago after taking some progesterone and dying my hair myself, left it on too long. There are just so many variables..... don't give up trying to find the answer. A biopsy is always the first step. I came very close to it, but my scalp hurts so much and I couldn't do it.
    It is desperation we feel, we have every right to feel it. Our hair is extemely important.
    Hang in there. Also you can order Toppik online from Sally's, it will last awhile andits not too expensive. I would send you mine (I don't use it) but its blonde, sorry. :-(
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    Thinking of you!

    I'm glad to read that your test results are looking better! Please take care! I'm thinking of you and hope that all will be well. It is a very frightening thing and to have a doctor not reply to you is unethical and unprofessional and uncaring. Shame on that physician!

    Please keep us updated!
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    I'm in those phases too. I'm tired of the "wait and see" I want to know now so I can save and possibly grow some hair back.
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    That is a definite problem for me...I need sooo much time to get myself looking presentable...the thinner my hair gets the harder is is to get ready every day to face the world!
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    I went to the same dr. you did. had same problem. my periods stoped for the year i was on spiro. he reacted the same with me as you. he did more harm than good. i hope women check out his questional background (google him) before deciding to put their trust in him.