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    I never took compliments well, probably because I never liked myself much so I didn't believe them. Too short, too chubby, too much of a wallflower, hair issues...A few weeks ago I decided to just say "thank you" with a smile if I got a compliment. You know what? It's so much better (not to mention more polite!). I may even start believing what I'm told. Yesterday I spent the day with friends/semi-family who were in from California for a small family party,really nice people. We talked about my hair, and I believe (for now) that it doesn't really look so bad (yet). I do think that will change, my shedding is slow but steady with no regrowth. But for now? If someone says something nice, I'm gonna listen hard and take it in. It only took 46 years, but it's never too late!:rolleyes:
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    i have always thought that the skill of being able to graciously accept a compliment is a rare and definitely very valuable skill. it's sometimes so much easier (why?) to dispute it, or to shoot it down, or to sort of shy away from a compliment it, but what good does that do? it reinforces our own negativity to us and it also discourages someone from dishing out what was probably a heartfelt sentiment. I have rarely found that someone says something positive and doesn't mean it. Why bother?

    i have found myself a few times in the recent past shooting down a compliment and I have had to remind myself that it does not do anyone any good. And more important and something that actually makes me feel even better, is that I make a point of PAYING people compliments (always sincerely). I try to remember to tell someone when I like their shirt or they look truly content and happy or that the cheese plate they put out for me was delicious.....

    Well done for making a conscious effort to accept a compliment!Sometimes it takes practice but I think it is well worth it.
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    You're absolutely right - we're taught that it's better to give than receive! And I'm still laughing about the cheese platter - cheese is absolutely my favorite food :)
  4. Angela

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    Vicki my girl you are incredibly beautiful from the inside out. I am so glad that you have chosen to receive compliments. I celebrate your beauty and acknowledge your heart of gold! I'm glad that you are too.
    Muah! :>
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    Thank you very much Angela! I feel the same, and so much more, about you :)