What is best to cover up thinness?

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by LucyJ, May 18, 2011.

  1. LucyJ

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    I'm a bit confused how do you cover up your hair when you want to show your remaining hair but it's overall all thin (not just the front part) you can't put a wig over it.

    I suppose I could style it so that the part would be revealed, and cover that up with some kind of system?
  2. GW07626

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    What products are good to help hide my scalp peeking through my longish brown hair? I have overall thinness, I the most noticeable is near the part area on the top. I am not ready for a wig or a head covering.

    Maybe I should also cut bangs and layers in my hair, especially if I am optomistic about new hair growth. It would take over a year, maybe two years, for a new hair to meet the ends of my existing hair which is past my shoulders.
  3. jolie135

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    I had a "sudden" bald spot appear in the most recent stages of hair loss and massive thinning along the part. At first I flipped my part to the other side of my head but now the entire front is thinning along with the top.

    Not ready for a wig yet. Was thinking about extensions? Not sure because when the bald spot appeared the hair was coming out from the follicles. Also saw on "Hoda and Kathie Lee" on the Today Show some real hair bangs that you can just slip on in the front? They never said which company made them, though. Anyone have any input on the fake bangs? Do they work?

    Not ready for a wig either. Can still hide the bald spot and my hair is coarse enough that although it looks thin it doesn't quite look severe enough to get a wig. I still have bangs and my hair is shoulder length (that which remains). At the same time, it is still falling out in such large clumps that there could be another bald spot appearing in a few weeks.

    I know the people on this thread probably don't want to get hats/caps but in my case I finally decided to get two little turbans and a superwide hairband that is about 6-7" wide. I figured that would cover the bald spots but let my remaining bangs and the longer hair still on the sides and back show. It would look cute and fashionable, like I just wanted to wear a little hat. That was my short term solution.
  4. thislittlelight

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    Here is the human hair bang.


    Thanks for mentioning it. I hadn't heard of it and my hairline and top of my scalp is the only area I am concerned about at this point. This is exactly what I'm going to turn to when it gets too awful (I'm guessing I'll be ordering this by February at the latest).
  5. AimeeValenti

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    You have to find a hairstyle which can help you to cover thinning of your hair. you can try Feather Hairstyle with Side Parted Bangs, A Sleek Hairstyle with a Side Parting, Short Cropped Hairstyle , Messy Hairstyle, Outward Feathered Hairstyle.
  6. Reha

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    Why don't you try some hair extensions, If you little hair which a least hide your scalps, can try some supplementary hair.
  7. pooja23514

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    Wash your hair with branded shampoo and conditioner in twice a weak. Ddon't wash your hair again and again. you can make hair style that could be helps covering the thinning area.
  8. Lizzieboots

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    Hi there, I too have overall thinning, especially at the sides and I use a spray called 'Fullmore' which really disguises the thinning areas - it comes in different colours. Without it I would be wearing my headscarves which I have kept from when my hairloss was at it's worst and disguising was not possible.
  9. Julia David

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    If you have a long hair then this is the apt hairdo you can opt to. As side parting includes combing more than half portion of the hair to a side, it will help hair look thicker than it is. It helps to cover the hair at the top that is thin before. This side parting with a sleek hairdo goes well with long hair people with oval shaped faces. Bangs accompanied with this style of hairdo looks more beautiful than just with side parting.
  10. DewayneWood

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    I recommend you to take a look on correct instructions from a skilled hair extensionist and I hope you can select only those professional hair extension products. One thing keep in mind that choose the correct color of hair at time of purchase.
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