What is considered shedding?

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  1. cartoc6

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    What is considered to be normal shedding? I lose up to 100 hairs a day, is that considered normal? There are times I lose less, but it's usually 100.
  2. Kristen3b

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    Hello! From what I've read and understand from my dermatologist, 100 hairs a day is completely normal. I've seen similar information posted on numerous websites as well:

    "Normal hair loss is a part of hair growth cycle, when a hair is formed then it gets older and falls out. To lose up to about 100 hairs a day means to have normal hair loss. You should not worry about that, just remember your personal usual rate and beware if your normal hair loss becomes excessive. Generally the human head has 100,000 strands of hair, so daily normal hair loss for most people will be between 40 and 100 hairs."

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  3. BettyG

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    Yeah I think cartoc6 is right, most people shed somewhere between 40 and 100 hairs a day. If you reach to shampoo your hair and your hand is covered, that's another story.
  4. meggie

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    Does anyone have my problem? When I get home, sit down and relax, my head actually starts to tingle and I can feel my hairs popping out. It is the wierdest feeling. Next thing you know they are falling down on my computer, shoulders, etc. This happens a few times a week and then I don't get a good night's sleep due to the tingling and the "jags" from the hair coming out. This drives me crazy!!
  5. pilar

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    I know that they say 50-100 hairs a day is normal but for some reason that sounds like a lot. I'm going through TE right now from going off the pill in September (after only taking it for 2 months). By the end of November I was shedding over 350 hairs just after showering and styling. It has slowly decreased and is now anywhere between 40-90 per day. Before this hair loss began, I don't really remember how much hair I lost. I guess when you're not going through extreme hair loss you don't bother to check or count hairs.
  6. shortie

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    My hair has been going through shedding cycles for several years, but this one seems to be just getting worse and worse. And no new hair is growing in that I can see. I'm trying to navigate to a place on this site where I can post a plea for a good women-focused endocrinologist in the Washington DC area. Or a good wig shop. This is staggeringly weird and difficult, but I guess it is for all of us. Just can't get used to feeling more scalp than hair, and feeling the wind on my scalp.
  7. Emma Jo

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    I agree the 50-100 hairs daily seems to be a lot. It is always a bad day when I shower and comb my hair out and I count around 50-60 because I know I will be losing much more than that drying my hair and throughout the day and I already started out the day close to 100!!! And then my 3 year old gets hair stuck in his mouth from coming off my clothes or the floor...ick! And my husband complains that I clog my side of the bathroom sink all the time.....sigh.............:(
  8. pilar

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    I've been a little paranoid about what is considered "normal" shedding, so I had my mom and friend count how many hairs they lost after showering and styling. My mom is 56 years old and has a full head of hair that's thick and long with a tight part. It's hard to even see her scalp. My best friend has thin hair, not a lot of it, but still a tight part (her hair is just naturally thin). My mom counted 85 and my friend counted 65. Both did not think they lost that much hair. My best friend was surprised that it was so high and thought her numbers were closer to 40. I think when you're not experiencing hair loss or thinning, you don't notice how much hair you're really losing in the shower or through out the day. I'm now down to shedding between 40-90 a day, and even though it seems like A LOT, sometimes I wonder if this is what I was losing before. I know that I used to shed a lot (just like my mom) but always managed to have thick, long, full hair (again, just like my mom). But when TE set in, I was losing so much for the first few months, that now every, single, little hair counts! Gosh, this is so frustrating.
  9. cartoc6

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    I agree. When you are not experiencing hair loss, you don't notice how much hair you lose each day.

    Here is another question, how much hair loss is considered to be telogen effluvium? If you lose 100 hairs a day is that considered TE?
  10. pilar

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    I guess it all depends on what you were losing before...or what was normal for you. But it's hard because when we weren't experiencing hair loss, or for me, before TE set in, I wasn't sitting in my bathroom counting each hair that fell out of my head. I've been losing 40-90 on most days and once a week I've been hitting 100. Do I think this is normal for me? Still not sure. :(