what is normal hair loss?

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  1. Grapevine

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    When a "normal" person makes a pony tail and slides their hand gently down it does hair come out? I can't remember. I can't tell if my shedding has slowed or if I just have less hair to shed...I get 3-5 strands when I do this. Thanks for any thoughts. AJ
  2. Hair Worrier

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    Normal hair loss...well according to the majority of the internet, between 50-100 hairs a day is normal. That may or may not be misleading however, as my hair loss is almost always within that range but my hair is dreadfully thin, so for me personally i guess 50-100 a day is too much to lose from my sparse mane.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the few hairs coming out of your pony tail- in all likelihood (and my own personal experience long before I become Miss Thin Hair and too scared to wear a ponytail) these are just the hairs that you didn't fully comb out in the morning when combing hair into the pony. I.e. you didn't pull through with the comb/brush all the way when slicking hair into the pony. These are just then hanging there till you touch it and it comes out. They aren't coming out of your scalp there and then because you would need to pull them a little more to get them past the tightness of the hair tie.

    Side note: best not to touch the hair too much, mine comes out much more when I continually slide my hands through it...