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  1. justbeth

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    So I have been to my regular doc twice. He says if I dont show improvement by the time I have my next appt (Jan) he will refer me to a specialist. Well Im not waiting that long. I do not think he is taking me seriously at all, which is really disappointing since he really was wonderful and helped me when I started getting panic attacks (i thought something was wrong with my heart). He says he doesnt see any bald spots, well they are on their way of being there and I was trying to prevent it, but now its happening and I have been living on my xanax for the last week because of it.

    So I need to know, what kind of doctor do I need to go see now?

    Thank you.:>
  2. VictoriaG

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    Have you been to a dermatologist? They can check your scalp, they might even do a bopisy. If you're had your blood checked for all the usual suspects - iron, hormones, etc - this might be your next try. There are hair-loss specialists out there, but they seem to be few and far-between. I think there's a post here on the forum that lists the specialists in different locations.
  3. justbeth

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    I have not been to a dermatologist yet. I was not sure if that was the "specialist" my doctor was talking about sending me to. I will start looking for a derm. I dont think my doc is taking me seriously at all and im not waiting until my follow up appt with him in January to talk to him about it! He did do blood work, but its all normal.........of course!

    Thanks Victoria:)
  4. Dara

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    Well after seeing 2 family practice docs each of whom did not take my hair loss very seriously, I saw a Dermatologist and she really didnt take my hair loss seriously either. (However, she did remove a mole that turned out to be pre-cancerous.)

    She referred me to an Endocrinologist and he was not much help either. After checking out my thyroid, he told me I had "some kind of autoimmune disease" and that my hair might come back and might not. He is the only endocrinologist in this town.

    I have been to 5 doctors in this town and none of them take my hair loss seriously. I have lost lots of hair but so far can hide it fairly well and no one has commented on it to my face yet. I never dreamed one could lose so much hair and be able to hide it.

    Maybe it is because it is not a life threatening disease.

  5. taz

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    Hi Dara,

    I've also been to 4 different Dr's and they all say that it is stress and that I am being vain 2 women Dr's and 2 men I can understand a man being insensitive but a women WOW, they said that my thyroid was normal and my iron and that it probably is stress and thats it I asked to be referred to a Derm and they said they saw no reason for it!!! I was able to hide it before but it isn't that easy anymore... You are not alone I've had great support here and I'm new.. :)
  6. taz

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    Sorry meant Justbeth

    Sorry meant Justbeth
  7. Dara

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    I've heard that one too, "It's stress that is probably causing your hair loss." I'm kind of skeptical about it. I think that is the answer if they can't figure out anything else.

  8. kdwmw

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    I have been to my pcp, 2 endos, my gyno, & 2 derms! Wonder if I should talk to my dentist about it? hehe. Last week I asked for a scalp biopsy & my derm just shook her head. She said it won't tell us anything, it's your hormones, maybe once you go thru. menopause they will settle down. (Now, I should hope for MENOPAUSE!?!) She also added that at least I'm healthy & have many other things to be thankful for...i.e. it's only hair...grrrrrr. Ya know? I almost bought it. I'm slowly being brainwashed! it's only hair it's only hair it's only hair. NOPE, not working!
  9. Dara

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    Yea, "It's only hair." I've heard that one too.... mostly from my family. I've even tried to keep telling myself that... "It's only hair" and I should be thankful that it isn't some dread disease.

    No one understands unless it also happening to them!

  10. Collette

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    Thank you Dara, I agree ;)
  11. Butterfly

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    kdwmw, there is a derm in Dallas that will do a biopsy. His name is Dr. Whiting. I saw you are in Texas so thought it might help.

    I agree that no one understands if it isn't happening to them. Another reason I'm very thankful I found this board!