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    Hi - well I have had several years of hair loss now...lately...I don't even like to wash my hair...I hate it soo much. I used to love my hair and get so many complements on it. It is continuously shedding...my mom has extemely thin hair and my sis has seen some thining as well...so I always thought I had genetic female pattern baldness...i went to a new derm and she took a scalp biopsy...and there was no consclusive results...what!? I don't understand that...she told me to use olux...which I didn't really like it seem like my scalp was inflammed...well my hair still was falling out and it got the point where my scalp was very visible so I got some hair thicking powder...like toppix only another brand...I told the derm I was concerned with shedding and she told me it is prob stress and it should normalize...meanwhile this is depressing...i am putting this stuff on my head, i don't want to meet people or go out...what should I do? go to diff dr..go back to my doc...whey doestn't anyone know anything? Thanks
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    You definately need to continue tackling this head on, that way you know you did everything you can, and hopefully, hopefully, something will work.

    I would definately go back to the doctor if i were you. I have not visited my doctor yet, as I just dont have the guts and also my doctor is not very good...

    Also, try every other trick and tip you can to help your hair, alongside any medical treatment, as I do think some of them help! E.g. sleep with a satin sleep cap/pillow case, washing with gently flowing tepid water, vitamen supplements, not messing with the hair much throughout the day once you have styled it (hard to do I know- I have a terrible habit of constantly running my hands quickly over my hair to find - and count!!- how many loose detached strands i have in there since the last time i touched it! Inevitably,making the problem worse)

    All the best
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    I've been losing my hair since I was abour 25 years old.
    Has anyone tried "Revolution Hair"? The only place to buy it is on the internet. I'm on an auto-ship program. I've been using it for about a year now, and have had very little hair fall. One or two hairs a day. The problem with me is, that after about a year of using one product, my hair starts thinning again. But this is the best I've ever tried.
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    Unfortunately Revolution Hair is a scam. My pictures of me with and without hair, as well as a few other ladies on the Network, was used to sell this product. I have never used it (and neither have they), and these people fraudulently copied our pictures off the internet to sell their product. :eek:
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    I work in a lab, so there are many tests I can run myself. Ferratin being one of them. All my labs are normal, even thyroid. The only abnormal result out of about 40 test is triglycerides. I take vitamin A, D, and a multi-B for MS along with several other vitamins. The only drug I take is Avonex for the MS, which I have read causes hair loss, but this was going on WAY before I started on it. And there is absolutly NO WAY I would ever come off of it, because my neuro says I am doing exceptionally well for someone my age with MS. As for birth control, I have an IUD. I am also very careful about the food I eat. There are alot of things I stay away from, because of the MS (soy, aspertame, high vinegar content foods-and I LOVE pickles, so its hard to stay away from those!) I called today and made an appointment with a Dr across the street from my job who will be checking my hormones on thursday. They are send out tests, so it will take a few days to find out the results. I have heard that when women are pregnant, their hair gets really thick, but all the new growth falls out in about 3 months. When my baby was born, I had a full head of hair-for the first time in years. (she's 3) I took about a year for me to lose my newfound growth, so I am hoping it will be something as simple as a deficient hormone. I'll keep you posted.
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    Well I went to see a Dr. and she was a total witch, who has thick curly hair, and tried to convince me she had alopecia. Oh please! She wouldn't listen to me, refused to check my hormones, and wants me to take propecia to stop hair fall, (which I have no hair fall because of the shampoo I use) and another drug to hide the side effects. No thanks. I'll just stick with the shampoo. After she told me alopecia is hereditary, I showed her pics of my sister who has enough hair for 5 people, my 70-year old father and 65 year old mother who has full heads of hair. She didn't have an excuse after that and decided maybe she would at least check my testosterone, free testosterone, and dhea, which were all normal. I do have a mirena IUD, but I'm not quite ready to give that up. I was losing my hair way before thei IUD came along. I think I am going to try to find a doc who will check my progesterone, because I've always thought thats what the problem is. I'm so glad you are getting your hair back. That is great news and gives me hope that maybe someday I will start to thicken up. :>cvaughn
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    I completely know what you are going through. Over 15 years I went to numerous doctors who told me my tests came back "normal." Maybe try going to a doctor who practices Holistic/Alternative medicine who will take a different look at your symptoms.
    I took all my blood work in to such a doctor where he looked at "the big picture" and not just for specific diseases. He noticed a pattern that showed adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems. My treatments have completely changed my energy level and my hair is slowly getting thicker.

    In the meantime, I have been wearing a very new extension type system specifically for women with thinning hair that has only been in the U.S. for a couple of years. I have looked EVERYWHERE over the years for answer and these have completely changed my life. I now get complements on my cute hair cut weekly instead of people staring at me for my thinning hair. Here is the website if you want to read more about it - http://www.hairdreamsusa.com/en/microlines. I cannot say enough about how much happier I feel having beautiful hair again.

    Being young and having such a blow to your self-esteem can be devastating. Please know other people are out there who are going through what you are. I know someday we will not have to worry about our hair, but until then, it's great having a group like this for support.
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    Did your Doc put you on thyroid meds? My levels run on the low side of normal, but I can't seem to convince my Doc to "experiment".
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    Try seeing an endocrinologist for your hair loss. They can to the "root" of the problem. I started taking Spironolactone in May 2008 and I've got new growth. I recently read that this med comes in a topical as well. I'm going to my doc this week and ask about the benefits of topical verses oral. Good Luck!
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    Cvaughan - what did your doctor want you to take along with the propecia? My doctor prescribed it to me (haven't started it yet) but I'm curious about what else she gave you. Thanks!
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    Sorry it has taken me so long to get a reply on, but my dr prescribed spirolactone. Apparently, propecia is not recommended for women because of female organ problems that is causes. The spirolactone, which is a potassium saving diuretic, masks the symptoms that the propecia causes. I am not taking either one. I am doing so well with my MS, I am afraid to mess with my system too much, because ANY change in my immune system or CNS directly affects MS negatively. I encourage you to research what propecia does to women.
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    My hair was going very thin and was falling out in masses everyday, until somebody recommended an asian herbal hair oil. I was obviously a bit septic about using this but i gave a go. I've now been using this oil for 6 months and have had very good results. My hair loss has decreased by 80% and in much better condition. Its a homemade product made from all natural oils and herbs, its a bit smelly but has no chemicals, definately worth a try. Can get it on the internet only.
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    I don't know if this will help or not, but for the past year my hair has been shedding also. I have been under a lot of stress and was at the end of my rope after seeing the dermatologist (who said to get Rogaine, which I refused to) and also two endocrinologists (who said my thyroid levels were just fine). I had heard of Andrew Lessman's all natural vitamins on the Home Shopping Network (he also has his own company (Procaps). I figured, why not? I ordered them and have been taking two a day with a meal for the past three weeks. At the time, there were approx. 500 reviews on this product and the majority were 4 and 5 stars out of 5. In the past two days, I have noticed a significant decrease in shedding and scalp itching. These vitamins have a lot of biotin and B vitamins in them. I don't take any other meds that these vitamins might interfere with but if you do, please check with your doctor. Anyway, I also ordered the Jason natural shampoo and conditioner which I love. There are no chemicals in them and they smell great. The nice suprise that came with taking these vitamins is that the B vitamins counteract stress. I feel 100 percent better than I have in a long time and have a lot of energy. I might not grow my hair back but hopefully I am keeping what I have left. Hope this helps you.