What tests should I ask for?

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    Hello all -- I've been a reader here for awhile, but finally have decided to post myself.

    After 8 years of hair loss and a lot of self doubt and fear, I'm finally going to the dermatologist for the first time.

    A few years back, I did ask my PCP about my hair loss, and she was dismissive and unhelpful. She said it was probably due to stress, but left it at that and didn't offer any further help. She did not do any blood tests or other testing.

    Anyway, I've been dealing with my hair loss for a long time, but I am still reeling from all the information on this site. I have no idea what kind of hair loss I have, and I want to be prepared when I visit the dermatologist.

    She specializes in hair loss, and has gotten good reviews.

    My question is -- what specific tests should I expect her to do and what are their names? What questions should I ask her?:confused:

    Any insight you ladies could share would be tremendously helpful.

    Thank you
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    Diagnostic Testing

    The American Hairloss Association has a lot of unbiased information. The following tests are recommended by them:
    Diagnostic Tests
    Hormone levels (DHEAs, testosterone, androstenedione, prolactin, follicular stimulating hormone, and leutinizing hormone)
    Serum iron
    Serum ferritin
    Total iron binding capacity (TIBC)
    Thyroid stimulating hormone (T3, T4, TSH)
    VDRL (a screening test for syphilis)
    Complete blood count (CBC)
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    Thanks, homegirl!
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    You are welcome!