What to do for my wedding??

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    Hair loss is fairly uncommon in pakistani women and I am the .1% who suffer from hereditary hair loss. My hair is particularly thin on my crown. I am getting married next June and my bridal look requires a pulled back hair style, kinda like this:

    I am COMPLETELY freaking out coz I want to camoflouge my balding areas without it being obvious. I am considering various options but am not sure which one would be the best. Full wigs look fake when hair is pulled back as the hair line becomes very obviously fake (even with lace wigs). Is there a way to do partial wigs that use my own natural hair line? Should i use a combination of toppik and extensions? Any suggestions would be very helpful!
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    a little background about myself- I've never worn a wig or topper before. The only thing I've used are hair extensions for length. Any advise/ suggestions would be great!
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    Hi Saratee

    when you used hair extensions did they damage your hair at all?, i am also getting married and have the same issue, i am loosing so much hair and frontal area is very thin.

    do you still loose alot of hair?

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    I used clip in extensions that i bought online and dyed in my own hair color. They look lovely whenever i wear them and don't damage my hair as I don't wear them for more than a couple of hours (usually when i am going out). After doing some research, I am thinking of getting the micro point solutions by Cyber hair on my crown area. Despite their claims, I am sure my own hair will get damaged and will fall out , so I'll get them a few weeks before my wedding and have them taken out after the wedding.
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    or maybe I'll wait for my fiance's family to leave after i have them taken out. It's bad enough that their son didn't want to marry the random girl they chose for him, but oh the horrors of horrors that his own choice is a balding woman :p. TOTALLY unacceptable!!!!
    Fortunately they haven't met me yet and when they do, I plan on going extensions galore to meet their only expectation of me,: i-e THAT I BE GORGEOUS which in pakistan equates to long luscious locks and fair complexion :D. muahahaha I feel so evil..
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    haha, you made me laugh :) Thank you i needed that..

    I can relate to you, also being of asian descent - by the way where did you get your clip in's from? any details would be greatly appreciated

    do you experience more hair loss in winter than summer, or just all year round?

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    Hi ladies.

    Being Asian myself, and having already been married, I know the feeling of trying to find a solution to take the attention away from the hair loss. My thinning areas are in the front (bang area) and back, but have overall thinning as well. Having coarse dark hair makes it easier to conceal with the exception of the frontal hairloss. I did not wear any hair piece in the morning, since most of the front was covered. I suggest your hair stylist do a side part and then use hair fibers to fill the thinning areas. My biggest concern was the evening look since I wouldn't be wearing a dupatta. In this case, I went to one of the local wig stores and brought a clip in pony tail similar to: http://www.hairextensions.com/product.php?productid=98&cat=14&page=2
    and had my makeup/hair artist wrap the stands around my own hair, resulting in an elegant updo. The frontal area was covered nicely and looked as if my own hair was twisted and brought forward and twisted back.
    Now, I wear a topper, but have also been on Rogaine Foam 5% for about 7 months and have noticed an increase in density and hair growth. I am hoping and praying my hair becomes thick as it used to so that I could forgo the hair topper.
    Best of luck on your big day :)
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    Know How You Feel

    Wow, we are in exactly the same boat. My wedding is jan 7 and I am stressing so much about what I am going to do with my hair. I am of hispanic decent, I just didn't get blessed with the beautiful thick hair :(. I am losing a lot of hair right on the top of my head. I have started using Joan Rivers great hair day to cover up my scalp. So for my wedding day I was going to use that to cover up my bald areas and then put on extensions to make my hair look fuller. Let me know what you decide to do and how it turns out. Sorry that I didn't have any advice for you.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm getting married in 9 months, and the thought of figuring out what to do with my hair is bugging me as well. I freaked out when I had my hair loss and chopped off my hair into a pixie-ish cut, and while I do like how I feel like my hair loss is less noticeable now, I can't see myself with this cut on my wedding day. I have no idea what to do. Extensions? A topper? A wig? I guess I'll have to see how bad it gets.

    Does anyone have any updates as to what worked for your wedding 'do?

    Congratulations and good luck to everyone!
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    Isn't it super frustrating that we have one more thing to worry about for our wedding ?! I've recently tried the toppik solution and am liking it. My plan so far is to get the microlinks on my crown and use those in combination with toppik to get coverage. I have a hair and makeup trial coming up and will be discussing my plan with the stylist. I hope she doesn't have a problem with it. I have also started taking hair and nails multivitamin to extend the lifespan of my bio hair.
    I am still debating whether i should get hair extensions or not, coz i've worn any before. I know clip-ins won't work with an updo.... so let's see

    Anyways congrats and good luck everyone! I am sure we will pull through this!
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    Hi Saratee,

    Did you get the microlinks? I am thinking of getting them, but have not gone in for a consultation. If so, what is your take on them? And if you don't mind, where did you get them from?

    Thanks :)
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    hey ! I have a hair trial next saturday with a stylist who is really good with fine hair. he suggested that we do a trial with my bio hair and depending on how that goes, we can have another one with micro links. He works for a very well known hair salon on newbury street -boston. will tell u how things go next weekend