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    Hi I've never posted here before but thought it might be helpful to someone so I'll share my experience with hair loss. First of all I want to say that I believe I have corrected the hormonal imbalance that had caused my hair to start falling out last February 2008. I was 40 years old when my hair loss began. I always have had a full head of long dark hair so it wasn't hard to tell I was loosing hair rapidly. Then one morning I noticed I could see my scalp on the front and back, that's when I went to see a derm who specializes in hair loss. She initially told me it was stress. I still had a lot of hair so I don't think she believed it was a big deal. I also had burning scalp and she said it was definitely stress related. (Dr. Redmond says burning scalp is always low estrogen.) Anyway by May I had lost so much hair I became very self-conscious and sad. I went back to the derm and this time she couldn't deny I had a problem. She said it was female pattern hair loss or alopecia and gave me 100mg of Spiro daily. I start the spiro and omg my hair loss went through the roof for about 3 months. My part was widening and my hair looked terrible. I really thought I was going to end up bald. But around the end of July, 3rd month on spiro, I noticed my burning scalp stopped and the hair loss slowed down considerably. At the same time I read Dr. Redmonds book and believed I needed estrogen too so I went to my GP and ask for her to up my Spiro to 200mg/day and add Yasmin to my daily treatment. I hadn't been on a birth control for 20 years. Well I am happy to share that the treatment seems to be working. I hardly loose any hair throughout the day anymore and I use to see and feel it falling all day long. I wash my hair everyday with Nizoral and I loose a little, maybe 10 or 20 hairs in the shower. I think that's just normal hair loss. I also don't know how it happened so fast but I can see that my part is filling in and my hair feels alot fuller. The best part is since starting the Yasmin, the texture of my hair has gone back to normal. Straight, not kinky like it was when it was falling out and burning the scalp. I don't think I found a cure but I think that Dr. Redmond is right about the treatment for some types of hair loss. I believe my problem was sensitivity to testostrone, which is actually reading low and a sensitivity to low estrogen. Probably both started as a result of perimenopause. The spiro, nizoral & Yasmin combo is working right now and I wanted to share this story because for some the spiro alone will not be enough. I really need the nizoral shampoo too. I live in Canada so I use 2% but Dr. Redmond says that T-gel works well too. Oh and I actually cut the spiro back to 150mg /day because the 200mg was a bit much for me. I will up it to 200mg if I need to but right now taking 100mg Spiro in the morning with yasmin and 50mg spiro at night seems to be working, my hair feels normal again. I don't think about it all day long and I hardly ever use toppik anymore. I hope this information helps. If anything changes I will let you know. I do recommend anyone with this problem to read Dr. Redmond's book. It is very empowering. I even took it to my doctors appt. and she was very impressed with Dr. Redmond's knowledge on hormones and willing to work with me because I had done the research. Wishing you all the best on this journey. Tina :>
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    Dr Redmonds book

    may I ask, what is the name of Dr. Redmonds book and where can I get ti? Thank you, and congrats on your success
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    Just in case Dharma doesn't see this, thought I would jump in and let you know that the name of Dr.R's book is "It's your Hormones". If you find it in hard cover (which I have), it's called "The Hormonally Vulnerable Woman". He also has a website which I can't totally remember but just google his name and it should pop up. hormonehelpny.com maybe ?
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    I'm completely new to this forum. I was trying to find a success story. I've been dealing with hair thinning since last Jan. Went oun Biotin and better diet. Saw mahy derms and endo's to rule out everything (blood tests, thyroid, etc,etc). It seemed to slow by July and then shortly thereafter I went off the pill and for the past 7 months since it's been heavier shedding again. 2 months ago I finally tried Rogaine, just on the top of the head since I am skeptical about trying it but all the MDs say that's my best bet. I just hope that 1 day the shedding slows down. I used to be depressed about it, but now I accept it a bit more. I just hope that it slows down. I get so tired and upset everytime I wash my hair, and brush it, and I'm always picking hairs off of my clothes. I heard about spiro, but I hear there are side effects. Any words of encouragement from anyone appreciated. Bet wishes to everyone. I never realized how emotionally tough it is to deal with thinning hair. It helps to vent in this forum though. I'm going on over a year of increased hair shedding and it can be tough sometimes. I'm 39.
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    Hi Dharma, hope you're well. have read a few of your posts and am considering Diane 35 .... as well as continuing on the rogaine. I know it has helped you - or do you attribute the new growth to the spiro? Was it prescribed to regulate your homornes? best

    Lat 100 - hang in there - this is tough but hopefully you'll find the support you need on this site :)
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    Hi Jay,

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. Did you start the Diane 35 yet? If so how are you doing? I am still taking the Diane 35 continuously and it is still working. My hair looks better than it has in a long time. There is a 'But' however......but I have to wash my hair everyday with Nizoral 2% shampoo. If I try and put it off for an extra day I loose about 20 to 40 hair. So what I know from that is that the DHT that gets past the spiro and Diane 35 will still cause hair loss. That's the problem and the solution is washing my hair every 24 hours. Pretty simple solution.

    I don't think it was the spiro that helped my hair regrow I really feel it was the estrogen in the Diane 35. The spiro my have some positive regrowth effect but I truly don't think it would have been enough without the BCP. I did start taking spiro to regulate my testostrone levels and then Diane 35 to further lower the testostrone and up my estrogen. It's working. I'd rather be on bioidentical hormones but I don't know of a doctor qualified enough to work with them for hair loss and I'm not willing to go the trial and error route.

    Also for anyone considering taking Diane 35 I'd like to share my experience other than hair regrowth. I held off taking Diane 35 for about 6 months because I was honestly scared that it would have negative effects on my life. Such as depression, mood swings, loss of libido, weight gain, etc. I researched Diane 35, like I do with anything I take, and I read all the negative post about it. Well I'm happy to say that I am not experiencing any mood changes other than I am more upbeat. I have not gained any weight other than in my bra size went up one size (no complaints there) and I have no loss of libido. I actually feel better because my hair is back. I just wanted to add that because it seems most people only post the negative results about Diane 35 but for me it's been really positive. Oh and my skin has not look this good since I was in my 20's. Diane 35 clears up any skin issues and makes your pours smaller. I've never had acne but I know it is prescribed for that as well. Many women have stayed on it for 10 or more years with no issues and it's been around since the 70's. :)