whats the difference?

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    hi everyone,

    firstly i want to say thank you to all the people who have supported me and given me advice so far, its priceless.

    im confused about my hair loss.
    if my hair loss is because of my low ferritin which was only 8, then does that mean i have telogen effluvium, or not? was the low ferritin the trigger?
    i dont know if thats what i have or am likely to have.does it automatically mean that thats what hair loss triggered by something is?
    or is my hair simply just falling out.it may sound silly but i just dont really understand.

    if my hair loss is postpartum, is this telogen effluvium, or not?
    is telogen effluvium simply where your hair falls out ?

    any advice would be great,i just dont quite understand it thats all.
    also obveously trying to work out whats going on.
    if my hair loss is because of the ferritin or the postpartum hair loss, or both, will it stop? :confused:

    im so desprate for this to end.im so deeply sad

    thank you

    linzi xxx