What's wrong with my me?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by mika, Oct 2, 2013.

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    I'm desperate!! I'm hoping anyone can help me give advice. I've lost half of my hair since 1 year ago and it's still falling!! I have no balding history in my family and I've done blood test, but it all came back "within range." I went to two dermatologist and they told me straight to take Rogaine. I'm hesitant to take it as my gut feeling tell me it's not AGA. My hair is also getting thin all over the head, particularly the crown where I can see my scalp now :(

    I didn't eat much red meat, so I thought I had low iron, but my ferritin is 63. I drank a lot of sweet drink this past year, so I thought maybe the sugar, but my glucose came back within range, although it's on the high end (92 out of 99). Can sugar cause hair loss, by the way?

    I'm really clueless what else I need to do to stop the shedding. The shedding is even worse when I wash my hair. The hair fall is probably still within the normal range, but when you don't have much hair left, it's scary!! I don't take any Rogaine or any treatment at this time, but I've been eating protein bar. One thing I want to mention is I do have regrowth, but the hair is very fine. So what's wrong with me?? :confused:
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    To add, my hair is also very very dry. If I use conditioner, my hair fall is worse, so I stop using that :(
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    Hi Mika,

    My personal experience was that candida overgrowth in my body definitely was the main cause of my hair loss and the only way I knew I had candida was because I kept getting vaginal thrush. You could stop eating and drinking all sugar (including honey, dextrose, syrup etc) and really focus on good nutrition, and see how your hair is affected, hopefully in a positive way!

    Of course, as is clear on this forum, hair loss can be caused by all sorts of things including low iron, thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances, genetics etc...but if you've already had blood tests done and they were normal perhaps it's worth trying to focus on nutrition. Foods that have helped me include organic coconut oil, raw nuts, quinoa, buckwheat, kale, lots of veggies, eggs, Greek yogurt and fish. Also a good probiotic and a multivitamin. I still drink coffee and tea but never sugary drinks. I'm not saying all this is a cure for hair loss or to minimize other causes of hair loss. It was just my personal experience and I must admit, I feel much better since eating more healthily! With the conditioner issue, I found the same but that hair will come out anyway if it's going to and I think it's better for your hair to have conditioner than not. Feels nicer too.

    I feel for you because it is so devastating to lose hair and feel you have no control. But you can control your nutrition intake which may even help your hair.

    All the best, thinking of you.