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    Hi everyone,

    Even though it hadn't effected me physically I have lived with androgenic alopecia all of my life through my mother. Growing up I would watch her put on her wigs every morning without even a thought of it effecting me. And now here I am, turning 19 in 2 months and my biggest fear is losing my hair. Since I was young I have always had long, thick hair and even as my teens began I never noticed a problem but it seems that in the past couple of years my hair has started thinning. When I ask the few people who know about my problem they say my hair doesnt look any different and I'm crazy for even worrying about it but just knowing that my mother has it and that its a genetic disorder I can't stop myself from worrying and thinking about it everyday. My scalp is naturally oily so I have to wash my hair everyday but I dont notice any extreme hair loss just the normal 5-10 strands when I wash and brush. But when I look in the mirror i can see my scalp more clearly and my hairline widening. I've had blood tests done and there's nothing wrong in that area. I have visited my family doctor who did diagnose me with "male pattern baldness" and sent me to a dermatologist and it seems like all he did was run his hands through my hair, write me a prescription and be on his merry way while i was left sitting there without a single piece of information. I ended up throwing out the prescription and haven't really taken any action since then. When my mom tries to speak to me about it (and i'm so grateful and appreciative of her help through this since she has dealt with it herself) I just find myself getting into arguements with her about the whole situation. I guess i feel that if I deny the fact that this is happening it will go away, but i know that's not the case. Sometimes when I actually do acknowledge what's happening to me I feel selfish and conceited for even getting upset over it because there are people out there with life threatening diseases and here I am worrying about hair. But its just so hard not to get upset about it and even envious of my friends who have beautiful thick long hair and who take it for granted. I think I've been waiting for something to come along and cure this problem altogether but I'm aware that's not how it works. So that brings me to my question now, where should I begin?