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    Okay girls, so being new to this whole hairloss thing I need to know where are the best places to get a nice hair replacement wig/topper. I'm so glad this website exists because you all make it look so fun to try these things that now I'm okay with trying one out while I'm waiting for drs. and diagnosis.

    I read that Hair Club is bad. Is there anywhere in the Phoenix, AZ area to go or can you order them online?

    Probably I don't need a full wig and I'm not sure a topper would work for just my hairline but that's why I'm asking. Help me get in the right directions. Thank you! Odie
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    Oh, one more thing. I would like something that I can do myself. It's okay if I have to go somewhere the first couple of times to learn how to do it but we travel a lot so I really need to be able to do it on my own. Thanks again! Odie
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    Hair Direct is a place on the internet. They are a bit pricey. The will custom make it for you.They will show you how to put in on. I have not bought one from them just and FYI............

    Also the the Blog on KATKAT she sells toppers and gives advice on the Blog. I also like to do my own because it is less expensive and I do not like being dependant on anyone. I attach mine with clips that way I can still use the rogaine and what knot. Good luck
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    Try KatKat first and then

    I found this wonderful resource on another web site. It was posted by a lady named Francesca, so I need to give her credit where credit is due. Please feel free to add to the resource and add reviews if you know about quality or styles from your part of the world. Read on........

    This is a response to the discussion below about where to find wigs. There seems to be a widely held view that there is very little selection in wigs; that the only good wigs are by Flora and Dov; and that the only really good wigs cost around $2000 or more. This is a mistake. Flora and Dov have very specific kinds of businesses (I know, since I’ve been to both)—each does a particular kind of thing very well. But there are huge numbers of wig sellers who sell high quality wigs. I’ve listed some web sites below. With the exception of Allegria (they have a shop in Toronto), all have shops in Brooklyn or Coney Island, including some with very large shops and several grades of wigs at several price levels, including prices well below $1000.

    The lower priced wigs are not European hair, but before you assume that you will only be satisfied with European hair, you should look at other wigs as well. For example, I believe that Dov's hair is not European (Janie-Ann said something somewhere about where he is getting his hair these days), but it's beautiful. Some Indian hair is just horrible, other Indian hair is gorgeous. Here, it's important to remember that, with human hair, you're wearing the hair of some particular person. Each person's hair is diffferent.

    Below I've given some web sites.

    First group (Most of these have wigs in the 2000-3000 range but also at lower prices)




    (I believe that several *********** members have wigs or toppers from them)

    Other makers with whom *********** have had success:



    And Janie-Ann mentioned:


    A bit lower down in price:






    Hit or miss with quality (but sometimes very good)

    For more ideas go to:
    http://www.chossonandkallah.com/jewish- ... /Wigs.html

    Some UK suggestions:
    First, if you look on the 'where to buy' on the Clary's web site, you'll see that there are two UK merchants listed, one is in London. Milano are also sold in London--it's mentioned on their web site, although you probably have to email them to find out how to get them. I also know of a very high quality custom wig maker in London: Gali Wigs Tel: 020 8455 0349, 1, Eastside Rd, London, NW11. (I've been there and seen the hair, which was beautiful--but that was some years ago.) And I think that there is another that has been mentioned in the UK alopecia forum. You can probably deal with the US internet dealers. I don't know exactly what the customs ramifications are, though.

    About which wigs are available by internet. The main problem with buying a wig via the internet is that not all internet dealers will allow you to return it if you don't like it. Some of those that do allow returns will charge a significant restocking fee.

    (no restocking fee, I believe)
    (returns allowed, but I think there is a restocking fee)

    sells Georgie, Kiki and Allegria. Kathy Tonkin, the dealer, is extremely nice and will take back anything you don't like with no restocking fee.

    I don't know about the return policies of these dealers:
    sells Georgie, Judy, Freeda and Yaffa
    sells Georgie, Judy and Clary


    Kathy Tonkin
    Tonkin's Wigs
    481 Wolcott St
    Waterbury, Ct 06705


    Diane Callibret
    Art of Wigs

    I have seen two of her hand made toppers. Beautiful!

    Hope that helps!
  5. kawawa

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    Bonded topper place

    You might try this place. They do toppers like mine and other's as well. It is not a hair club! Email me if you have any quetions. Susie

    Allen Natella
    8541 E. Anderson Drive
    Suite 105
    Scottsdale AZ 85255
    (480) 538-5333 FAX (480) 367-0738
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    Thanks girls! I knew I could count on all of you for some good info. I think I'll try local first just to learn a little bit more and see what I like then go online from there. Thank you! Odie
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    Does anyone recommend getting a human hair wig online? I was interested in Beguile by Raquel Welch. Has anyone had any experience with that wig? Thanks so much!!!!
  8. YAC

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    Hi everyone,

    I have recently purchased a topper from a salon and paid about $1000. Initially I paid $800 for a standard off the shelf version and was disappointed with the quality and color of the hair. So I paid $200 extra to get it custom made. I was told it is made from 100% cuticle hair and laced. Do you think I paid too much? I should have researched some more before I decided to buy but was ashamed to go into any other wig shops or other salon to expose my condition. Are there any good salon that specialized in hair replacement system in Atlanta?
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    Kawawa--thank you for taking the time to write out all of this really helpful information. Do you know of any salons or systems in the LA/OC area of SoCal? I have been experiencing RAPID hair loss at my crown and temple/sides and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to hide. I've gone from the acute, "I cannot believe this is happening to me," to the "Why me Lord?!," and now into the "Ok--this sucks, but now what? I can't keep living like this" phase of the hair loss journey. I must say that your topper looks AMAZING. I would love to find some people out here, but don't know where to start. Thanks!
  10. Janie-Ann3

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    Dov uses European hair

    The original post written by Francesca was very helpful and informative, however it's absolutely NOT true that Dov doesn't use European hair in his wigs and toppers. The hair Dov uses is beautiful and absolutely is European hair. I'd hate there to be any misunderstanding based on this post. That bit of misinformation is a pretty bad thing to say about a wig maker -- especially when it's not true. I attempted to correct this the first time Francesca posted it on another site and I'd like to try and set the record straight here. Dov uses top quality European hair to make his wigs and toppers.
    (and they're gorgeous! :)
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    Wow, I'm in sticker shock here! I don't ask for much, have never had a huge mane of hair anyway - and I don't want to look fake to the people who know me. But if that's what you have to pay, I will when the time comes. Thank you ladies for posting so many great resources here! I still need to get the nerve to go into a wig shop. Do they all have good ones, or are most of the local wig shops just junk?

    I'm so scared to jump into this arena. I just have so many questions - can you wear a wig over hair? How do you match a topper to your own hair color when it fluctuates as you recolor the grey all the time?
  12. NYCGirlie

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    I'm considering human hair wig or topper since my hairloss on top is starting to really bother me. I don;t want to damage my hair with extensions. I dont want to order online because its pricey and no refunds if its not right. Anyone have any recommendations in NY area? I keep seeing Patricia's NYC salon in astoria queens ny. Anyone ever been there?
  13. cindy2006

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    25 years living with Hairloss

    Hey Ladies,

    My name is Cindy. I lost all my hear back in the early 80s. I have tried many times to spead the word about www.toplace.com They make full cap lace systems and they are absolutly beautiful. They fit perfect, they feel great lightweight airy and so natural that not even a doctor can tell. They also have toppers and most of there clients are males because no one seems to know about toplace. I searched the net high and low and lucked up on toplace after finding people like farrell hair which is way overpriced, HCM, and many others, They were the ones that emailed me telling me they would like to make me a system and when I got it wow, it changed my whole life and i felt like a barbie. I wear long hair and a full cap system with 18 inch remy hair runs around 250.00 I have never had the lace to tear and if and when the hair thins out or if you need recolor you can send them in at a low fee to have them refurbished. There not like wigs from a wig shop where you wear them than throw them in the trash. I normaly glue mine down and get about 2 wks wear without taking it off, you also have the option of using tape and removing it nightly. I sleep, shower, swim, and forget that im bald. Everyone has there preference but if you are looking for something that looks natural and at a great price check out toplace, please email me if you have any questions. Blessings Cindy
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    Wigs and Toppers

    Thank you Cindy I certianly will contact toplace.
  15. cindy2006

    cindy2006 New Member


    I home you have the same experience As I, they have great customer service and very polite and understanding. But most of all, they offer the best quality hair and lace at affordable prices. Please keep me informed on your experience. Blessings
  16. NYCGirlie

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    Need advise on buying first wig

    Hi ladies! I need advise since I'm trying to buy a wig online. I went to a salon but it was too expensive to buy a custom wig so Im looking online. I have curly hair and found a human hair curly wig BUT the customer service rep wasnt sure about my questions- :confused:
    1. Does a curly human hair wig bounce back to curly once you wash it? I hope so because I cant imagine having to use a curling iron every time I was! I have naturally curly hair and just use some gel and let it naturally dry...would that be how to style a curly wig?
    2. Any advise on wig caps? Im sooooo confused on which is most realistic and breathe-able for my hair. Silk? French Lace? Skin cap? I definitely want a glueless cap with hidden knots but have no idea on which cap material is best and most natural.

    Thanks for any info xo
  17. cindy2006

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    Plenty of experience from trying a cure to finding the perfect hair

    Hi ladies! I need advise since I'm trying to buy a wig online.

    Google Discount Wigs....takes alot of time, I used to work days and hours i lived and breathed researching ways to save money, sometimes you can get bargins at you local Wig Shop, or ill buy online, depends on the price range and what im getting.

    Dont waste your money on netted human hair, if you want a cap that fits only your head, that is as thin as a pair of panty hose, has every strand of human hair , remy is what ive researched is the way to go, Europen hair is the Finst virgin hair, but it cost, you can either tape and and remove it nightly with alcohol and goo be gone, or glue down with a water proof glue, i always used ultra bond, but there may be something newer, when you bond with glue you sleep, shower, swim, enjoy amusement parks because they look so realist no even a doc can look and tell because I had a doc that didnt, he asked me if knew what Alopecia was, and i said yes, he said where are you missing hair, i shaved my head , it was shaved in dec 23 1986, and I still wonder if one day, maybe would at ever grow back at the age of 50, I have fine eyelashes but dont mind that, I dont have eyebrows and i love to find a good tattoo artist to do it permeantly , not like the permeant make up that fades after a couple yrs, it was nice not having to pencil in eyebrows and them running down ur face in the summer and getting caught in rain with that itchy scrachy wig...anways

    I did a vast research on wigs vs hairsystems and many compaines, I wear a system that has remy hair, on french lace full cap about 18 inches long with a light wave, highest priced, Farrell Hair best price and product Toplace. 250.00, Most are men there, but they are more educated than us women..I started a non profitt and put together all this info into one small binder and wanted to share my experience with other women to know what its like to have some freedom from hairloss at an affortable price.hair for under 300 and ive never had a cap with french lace to rip, there are no seems no webbing, just a flat smooth surface and soooooooo comfortable, airy, lightweight. And you can send them in when they shedd because this is handtiec hair and human it will break and the color will fade, you can fix color urself or a good salon, you can also get a local salon to assit you, another line of customers , just when they cut and color,,,its there.lolol

    I sampled a thin skin, it shed, it held static electricty and just didnt look as real or was a comfortable as the lace, just was easier to clean, the lace takes a bit of time to clean but its worth it, its like tadaaaaaaa human hair,,,out of a box, ordered online..and you can do it urself, look and feel great, and not spend a fortune at some of the rip off places and there out there....Hope this helps Share back with me what you decide..Blessings
  18. cindy2006

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    I ramble and may confuse, any questions let me know....if i left something out,,,let me know Blessings
  19. NYCGirlie

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    Cindy thanks for the info!! I kept reading thin skin was most natural but then i heard its not good in summer and theres no breath-ability to scalp. plus i stll have semi thick curly hair in back so it didnt seem like right choice. im seeing thinning at top that i need to cover soon. im not into toppers since i dont think it'll blend well anf i dont know if i can get one with clips only (no glue). im deciding between french or silk lace....any recommendations?? i found a wig that looks just like my hair on this website lacewigsbuy i want to customize the cap but not sure which is better... french or silk lace?? can either be made into a glueless cap? i want to take it off at night. i went to a salon and they taped a topper on and it was torture to get off...and i def felt it would pull at my hairline! Also if u ever got a human hair curly wig, does the curl stay after washing? I have natursally curly hair which i just add gel and airdry. im wondering if the same is true of wig? I dont want to be stick using a curling iron or rollers all the time!
  20. Kirthi

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    Hello NYCGirlie! I was wondering if you had any luck with your search. I live in NY state and want to buy a topper. I have curly hair too, and my current topper (my first) has stright, super thick hair which is rather unnatural for me.
    Were you able to find anything locally that worked?