Where to sell a wig?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Julie Bowman, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Julie Bowman

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    I bought a wig that I thought was going to be the ONE but it didn't work out. I've tried ebay and one of the facebook groups but no luck. Does anyone know of other places that I can try? I apologize if this is not the forum for this kind of post.
  2. Loond

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    This is Loondina,
    I have a good experience of using natural Indian human hair wig, which I bought it from Priyankaa hair Traders”. I got them via surfing the net when am seeking for the best Indian human hair wig for my heavy hair loss problem. Then, I asked them so many times about the quality of the wig, after using their wig, I feel very happy and comfortable while wearing it. Nowadays, even none of my friends recognize that I was using the wig for the past few months.