Why can't spam be kept off this site?

Discussion in 'Open Topic (General)' started by Metalmom, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Metalmom

    Metalmom Member

    So why can't it? This is supposed to be a safe, comforting place for those of us dealing with a terribly upsetting problem, and every piece of spam/advertising/political thread makes it feel unsafe. I wish the administrators of this site would find some way to do a better job with this.
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  2. Women's Hair Loss Project

    Women's Hair Loss Project Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Metalmom I will definitely look for a better spam moderation application for the forum.

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  3. Marie Chin

    Marie Chin Member

    Thanks. I am just a new member but I'm starting to like the topics here.
  4. Trude

    Trude New Member

    Hello Maria Chin: I received a message in my email inbox, from you, which said this:
    Women's Hair Loss Project Forum
    Trude, Marie Chin replied to a thread you are watching at Women's Hair Loss Project Forum.

    Is this place done for?
    So far little spam messages are in this forum. Good job admin. Keep it up.
    Marie: As you can see by the message from the Administrator, in message above yours, the site Administrator did say she will look for a better spam moderation application for the forum. I agree with you I like the topics on this site too. And the site Administrator has created a wonderful site for everyone. I did thank her on another post for everything she does for us and I will say it again...Thank you, so much for all your hard work as it's a great job!!!
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  5. joeree

    joeree New Member

    I'm new too but it seems well moderated to me