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    I've only had my topper for 6 weeks- loved it -then went and bought a full on wig... they have helped my soul immensely... I can't wait for my next paycheck, as I want another one...different style. These wigs are NOT your mother's wigs... I am so thankful!
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    Hi!! I'm thinking about getting one and am very apprehensive about it! I'm scared about people knowing it is a wig, about it flying away and about maintaining one. What has it been like for you?
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    Just from my experience, after you try a few on it only gets better. If you doing your best to cover up bald spots like me , this has been my best option. Still worry about what people will thing if they find out. so I'm going down the honesty lane and just telling the truth:) Judy
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    Thanks for link to Ace Wigs. It gives a great picture of what a topper actually does. Just clip it on and blend with existing hair. If you have longer bio hair, you may want to go to a salon and have it layered a bit to blend with the topper.

    Feke wigs also has a good selection. One topper that is long. It's on my wishlist too...

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    My first wig!

    Finally got some pics up. I will post pic of my hair without any help... when I get home from work.:D

    Happy Monday